Attention to Four Sections Debut at Grand Opening of Film Market of the 8th BJIFF

  The Grand Opening of Film Market of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) was held on April 18, 2018. The first day of the event saw a peak flow of people, and well-known filmmakers gathered in the Beijing International Hotel for the comprehensive exchanges and cooperation of the industry. The four sections of activities including Project Pitches, Industry Conversations, Events & Activities and Exhibition were successively unveiled. They combined new trends in the domestic and foreign industry development to provide insights into new issues from the most comprehensive perspective and capture new demands for the upgrade of the film industry.

  Project Pitches: Young filmmakers rub their hands and famous directors point out the right way.

  On the first day of opening of the Film Market, Project Pitches ushered in the final review and roadshow. As one of the most important sections of the Film Market, Project Pitches all over the years have always received much attention. Before the start of morning roadshow, the venue has been fully occupied. The top ten pitch project parties made a more comprehensive introduction of their projects in turn based on the competition order by lot.

  The final review panel composed of famous director Ning Hao, famous screenwriter/director Mei Feng and famous producer Liu Kailuo made a one-to-one comment on the top ten projects at the roadshow site. After the roadshow was over, judges of the final review panel finally selected four pitch awards and two international promotion awards after one and a half hours private session.

(Wang Jue, Executive Vice Secretary-General of the Beijing International Film Festival grants awards for the pitch project party)

  Solve key issues and point out future directions: a significant role as “weather vane” of the industry conversations

  On April 18, a total of two industry conversations were held for discussions, namely “Feel the Pulse of Chinese Film Craftsmen” organized by Yi En and “Inheritance of Craftsmanship: How the Chinese film market perfect the new-director supporting system, and establish a high-standard industrialized film mechanism” hosted by the Film Market Department of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee.

  IP is hot but its selection faces difficulties. Yi En advocates the use of big data for audience segmentation, which has provided a recipe for the sustainable development of IP. In recent years, there have been a variety of pitch platforms to support young directors. This conversation hosted by the Film Marketing Department of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee is the first time to include the film talent supporting system into the discussion. Intensive opinions and frequent highlights appeared in the two conversations. Both the audience and guests benefited a lot in this kind of brainstorming.

  Mr. Sun Xianghui, Director of China Film Archive and Director of China Film Art Research Center, delivered a speech themed “audience reaction and new market dynamics” at the Industry Conversations organized by Yi En, and introduced the basic situation of “Chinese Film Audience Reaction Survey”.

  In the Industry Conversations of “New Directors”, six senior experts of the industry, including Chen Hongwei, Dou Lili, Fu Jia, Wang Yibing, Wu Yanyan and Zhou Liming, who have been working on looking for new directors and developing pitch projects, were invited for discussions on such topics as “young directors supporting system”. Such a lineup first appeared in China.

  Brilliant Events & Activities raise hot discussions.

  There are a total of 30 Events & Activities in the Film Market, including 11 on the first day, with the themes covering film and television industrialization, international film and television cooperation, drama films, animation films, visual effects, etc. They were in novel forms of expression and had rich activity contents.

  In particular, the “NEW IDEA” New-generation Internet Film & Television Marketing Forum hosted by New Studios Media Co., Ltd., advocates the use of Internet thinking to promote Netlife contents, and the new marketing ideas and ideas for promotion provide practitioners with many inspirations.

  Exhibition: Exhibitions cover all links of the film industrial chain with intensive international exchanges.

  The crowded Exhibitions have also attracted many professional visitors. This year’s Exhibition focuses on the creation of a “Film Factor Market”. It is based on the actual needs of domestic and foreign film markets, covers the whole film industry chain, and provides targeted invitations to the key domestic and foreign exhibitors for concentrated promotion and display, to promote the comprehensive exchanges and cooperation of copyright, cooperation, film co-production and others.

  This year’s Film Market has attracted a total of 220 domestic and foreign film and television companies and agencies to register for the event, including the international exhibitors from Georgia, Canada, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, Israel, Mongolia and other countries.

  In the next few days, the Film Market of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival will also hold a series of wonderful activities and look forward to your arrival.

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