The Contract Amount is 26.0825 Billion. The Contract Amount for the 8th BJIFF Film Market Broke the Record Again

  On April 20th, the Contract Signing Ceremony for the 8th Beijing International Film Festival took place at the Beijing International Hotel.The current Beijing International Film Festival movie market attracted a total of 220 film and television companies and institutions from home and abroad to register and the venture capital project reached 722. Four industry dialogues and 30 specialevents were held during the film market event. In the end, 38 projects from 79 companies successfully reached signing cooperation,with the total amount reaching RMB 26.058 billion, an increase of approximately 49% year-on-year. At this point, the signing of the Beijing International Film Festival's movie market has exceeded 10 billion for five consecutive years. This year it also exceeded the 20 billion mark for the first time. The cumulative value of the film market in the 8th Beijing International Film Festival exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 101.036 billion yuan.

  Hu Dong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press,Publication,Radio,Film and Television,executive vice secretary-general of the Beijing International Film Festival, addressed the ceremony. He said that the signing ceremony of the film market not only provided a platform for cross-industry cooperation and resource integration in the film industry. It has become an important window for enhancing cultural self-confidence and promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries, and fully affirmed the achievements of the film market.

  7 Projects of China Film GroupCorporation signed up to 5 billion

  At this year's signing ceremony, China Yingying has signed a total of 7 projects with a total amount of 5 billion yuan. Among them, the “Intent for Cooperation of Projects in Hangzhou China Film City” led by China Films Shares will create a world-class Chinese cultural exchange destination for international films, with an investment of 4.26 billion yuan in only one phase.

  In addition, China Film Film Production Co., Ltd. Also successfully signed a co-production film “Visa” with Yong Xu Liangchen and AAA Group, and successfully signed the “Panda Couscous” film produced by the tripartite joint investment with Yingying Group and Miyi Technology. Haimo Culture reached in-depth cooperation,signed a three-year framework agreement with Khorgos Diane Films, reached a comprehensive laser upgrade cooperation with Jinyi, and teamed up with Orange Fruits and Horgos Yongxu Film Industry to establish "China Films" Film and Television Broker Training Course."

  Under the “One Belt and One Road” background, China’s cooperation with Spain has become increasingly closer, and cultural exchanges have been splendid. At the signing ceremony, Ding Jun Shan Film Industry Co., Ltd., Gansu Zhongmao Weiye Culture Investment Management Group, and Beijing Infield Film and Television Culture In cooperation with the Spanish producer Joaquin Perez Matteo, the joint stock company has completed the signing of five animated films "Bicycle 1 & 2", "Libo's Planet","Nino", and "Pirate". The total contracted amount of about 600 million yuan has opened an unprecedented chapter in the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Spanish films.

  The signing ceremony also released five funds,including the "Zhijiang Culture and Tourism Industry Fund" and "East Lake International Film and Television Culture Industry Base - East Lake Film and Television Culture Industry Fund," the two major funds signed by the attention. The former is a cultural and tourism fund led by Donghai Film Group. It will conduct overall layout and continuous investment in the three major areas of culture, tourism, and film and television to create a world brand representing the country's soft power and influence of Chinese culture. The latter was jointly launched by the "Daisies", "Symbiosis Alliance" and the "Suzhou Wuhu New City Wujiang Administrative Committee" to promote the development of film and television cultural industries.

  Interstellar Entertainment and Guoyun Culture reached a cooperation on "Super Series IP Visual Script Writing and Distribution Promotion, Foreign High-quality Copyright Investment Consulting and Incubation" with a contracted amount of 150 million yuan. The two companies jointly built a Chinese animation Super IP.

  After the signing of key projects, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (Director of Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau), Vice Chairman of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, and Secretary-General Yang Shuo announced the signing of the Beijing International Film Festival movie market. A summary of all the work in this year's movie market. He said that with the annual increase in the number of signings, it truly made people realize that the Chinese movie market is taking off and the film industry is marching toward a flourishing era.

  Eye-catching Film Market ExhibitionDraw Considerable Attention

  The number of project signings at the Beijing International Film Festival has been increasing dramatically every year, covering more diversified and global projects.This edition of the BJIFF Film Market focuses on film industry development. The Film Market is centered around four major concepts: Showcase, Promotion, Trade and Communication, and based on these concepts, it will hold Exhibition, Project Pitches, Industry Conversations, special Events & Activities and Contract Signing Ceremony,covering the entire film industry chain.

  This year’s Exhibition promotes business transactions through projects showcase and facilitates cooperation through communication, continuing on building a “Film Elements Trading Platform.” Domestic and overseas exhibitors are invited with an additional focus on the specific needs of both domestic and overseas markets,promoting copyright collaborations, cooperation and

international co-productions, covering every aspect of the domestic and international film industry chain.

  This year’s BJIFF Film Market has attracted 220 domestic and international exhibitors, among which 209 are overseas, from countries like the United States, Germany, Italy, Australia, Israel, Canada and Spain.Exhibitors from all over the world gather at the Film Market Exhibition, which not only shows the growing influence of Chinese cinema abroad, but also promotes international cooperation and communication among film institutions.

  Exhibitors from all over the world gathered at the Beijing International Film Festival film market investment exhibition, not only reflects the ever-increasing overseas influence of Chinese film, but also promoted the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign film and television organizations.

  As the most active international movie market in Asia, the Beijing International Film Festival's film market attracts many film and television organizations and companies to come to exchange and negotiate with each other. Judging from the types of exhibitors, this year's production companies still occupy the mainstream, about 30.9%;copyright sales and agency types of companies show an increase trend, accounting for 13.5%; in addition, this year's film and television technology companies and film and television technology companies and companies accounted for 9.5 %, marketing companies and institutions accounted for about 7.9% of sales, issuing companies accounted for 8.3%, legal services accounted for 2.6%,and the remaining 27.3%.

  The 8th Beijing International Film Festival movie market became the most active section of the global film trading market. This section is also making its own contribution to China for the global film market.

  Industry Conversations Explores NewPatterns in Chinese Cinema

  Industry Conversations has always been a significant platform in which industry insiders share and discuss new ideas. As a forward-looking communication platform at the Beijing International Film Festival, the conversations combine the latest development inside the film industry, focus on hot topics and discuss cutting-edge trends, successfully establishing it as a major industry leader.

  In two days, the Film Market hosted four industry summit meetings, including “Chinese Screenwriters’Seminar,” which discussed the development and production of genre films, and “Industry Conversations on the Legacy Artisan Spirit,” which focused on establishing new ways to support young directors and forming higher film industry standards. In the latter discussion, renowned industry insiders like Chen Hongwei, Dou Lili, Fu Jia, Wang Yibing and Wu Hao engaged in an in-depth dialogue on the pains and gains of discovering and supporting young film talents.

  Project Pitches has also become a critical focus at the BJIFF. With the rapid development of China’s film market, a new force inside Chinese cinema is quickly emerging, which turns the market towards discovering and nurturing young directors. As a result, a number of programs that support new directors were initiated. Many new directors with the courage to innovate and explore new territories created outstanding new films with profound ideas, exquisite artistry and high production values. After a few years of hard work, many questions arise that attract the attention of the Film Festival, for instance: what is the current situation of the new directors’ creative lives; what are the problems with the new directors’ programs;how to establish a healthy and working system of support for new directors, which can sustain the creative force inside Chinese cinema and keep pushing out new and high-quality content. As a featured section of BJIFF, the Project Pitches has effectively promoted comprehensive cooperation and communication in all aspects of the film industry chain including film production, copyrights and coproductions, achieving a win-win situation for both culture and economy.

  Another corresponding section at the Film Market is the Events & Activities. At this edition of BJIFF, 30 special events have been held. Events & Activities at the Film Market focuses on hot topics inside the industry, closely follows the current development trends and is committed to promoting the internal strengths of the film industry.

  The 8th Beijing International Film Festival Events & Activities will continue to learn from internationally renowned film festivals. While satisfying domestic and international film institutions for their branding, business and marketing demands, it will actively integrate industry resources and provide diversified solutions for holding events such as picture roadshows, corporate launches and salon events, and offers a platform for in-depth market development and cooperation among participants.

  Influential Project Incubation Platform

  At the 8th BJIFF Project Pitches, a total of 722 projects were submitted, the highest in the history of the section. The submitted projects highlight the increasingly prominent role that the BJIFF Project Pitches plays in the pan-Chinese language regions, especially considering the increasing number of projects from Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. The Project Pitches has also attracted Chinese-language filmmakers from Malaysia, Singapore, America and France.

  The Project Pitches is one of the two major platforms of the BJIFF Film Market. The Project Pitches aims to create a comprehensive trading platform, which integrates investment, production, promotion, and distribution, for high-quality movie projects. Here on this platform, selected outstanding movie projects will be fully aligned with the film industry, and eventually become excellent film projects with great market potential. For years, the BJIFF Project Pitches has kept discovering potential Chinese movie projects, and has gradually become the best film incubator for Chinese-language movies. Together with the Film Elements Trading Platform, the Project Pitches has become a crucial section the Film Market.

  The submissions for this year’s Project Pitches vary in genres, including drama, romance, thriller/crime, and comedy. Compared to last year, the top three film genres have changed. This year, the most popular genre is thriller/ crime; 154 film entries fall into this category, accounting for 21% of the total submissions. The second most popular genre is drama. The platform has received 144 drama films, which accounts for 20% of the total film entries. However, the number of romance films, the top one genre last year, has decreased substantially. The Project Pitches has received 135 romance films, about 18.7% of the total number, making it the third most popular. About 15% of film entries are comedy and 111 comedy film projects have been received. The number of fantasy and sci-fiprojects has increased steadily. 77 fantasy/sci-fi projects have been submitted, accounting for 11% of all the projects, while martial arts projects, this year’s highlight, account for 4%. Such changes reflect the new trend of the future Chinese film market.

  After thorough deliberation and review, 20 outstanding projects were selected to the review roadshow section.These projects fully reflect the innovative pursuit of the film market. Among them, 10 projects entered the final review roadshow section. They are: Killer Apps, Be Cold Be Warm, Fight Bug, Russet River, Summer Boy, Hunting Dog, Taroko, The Moon of South, Chill Pill, and Wilder.The remaining 10 projects also participated in talks at the Project Pitches. They are: The Freezing Cold Love, Black Boy, Blank, Ocean Love, Ivy, Girls From Nowhere, Parallel Girl, Nightmare, Five Bones, and The City of Cats.

  Looking back at the excellent film projects that stood out from the Project Pitches platform, such as My Beloved Bodyguard, Dot 2 Dot, Big Fish & Begonia, Mountain Cry, and Go Away Mr. Tumor, we find that they have all received great reviews and gained box office successes.We believe that this year’s award-winning film projects will bring energy and vitality to the Chinese film market,and help promote the development of Chinese cinema.

  Great Accomplishments Come from Vibrant Development of the ChineseFilm Market

  The great achievement of the contract-signing ceremony at the BJIFF Film Market, not only marks how the film festival has planned events successfully, but also reflects how such accomplishments are deeply connected to the vibrant development of the Chinese film market.In 2017, the total box office in China reached 55.9 billion yuan, making it the second biggest movie market in the world, with the highest number of screens in the world. Compared to the year before, the box office in China increased 13.45%. The growth rate far exceeded that of any other country in the world. The total box office of Chinese movies reached 30.1 billion yuan, accounting for about 54% of the total box office. The commercial juggernaut Wolf Warrior 2, topped the box office with 5.68 billion yuan. Art films and documentaries such as Paths of the Soul, Seventy-Seven Days, and Twenty-Two,also grossed over 100 billion yuan in box office and drew considerable attention.

  As of 2018, the Film Industry Promotion Law has been officially implemented for a year. With relaxed policy positions, proper resource allocation, and open international collaboration, China’s film industry has been greatly improved and revitalized.

  As the Chinese film market grows rapidly, the film industry in Beijing has utilized great resources in the capital city, and made tremendous progress. While introducing the accomplishments of the film industry in Beijing, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio Film and Television Hu Dong said, “In 2017, the film market in Beijing has entered a phase of steady growth. We have achieved a lot in ‘the Year of Promoting Film Quality.’ The creative development of diverse themes and genres is consolidated. The team of emerging Chinese film talents is growing.”

  The vibrant development of Chinese film market appeals to filmmakers and investors overseas. In the past three years, more than 80 Sino-foreign film co-productions have been entered into records at the Film Bureau every year. More and more international filmmakers seek opportunities to collaborate with China. Moreover, Chinese movies also draw more attention in the international market. In 2017, the overseas box office and international sales for Chinese movies reached 4.253 billion yuan, a 11.19% increase over the previous year. Particularly, Wolf Warrior 2 was released worldwide through 40 theater chains in over 50 cities in 30 countries and regions. It set new box office records for Chinese-language movies released in Australia and New Zealand. Grossing 7.6 million US dollars, it became the box office champion of overseas distribution of the year. Chinese films keep opening up overseas markets, encouraging cultural exchanges between countries and enhancing the global impact of Chinese cinema.

  Beijing International Film Festival Promotes the Development of ChineseFilms

  Compared to previous editions, the 8th Beijing International Film Festival is more inclusive and more diverse. The film festival invites domestic and international film talents to share their resources for mutual benefit. Together, we can build a platform that welcomes all the elements of the global film industry, on which we can promote development and envision the future.

  The accomplishments of the contract signing at the film market shows that the BJIFF Film Market successfully reinvigorate the film industry, and that the diverse projects vitalize the future development of Chinese cinema.

  For years, the BJIFF Film Market has extensively invited and welcome leading Chinese and foreign companies, major international collaboration projects,producers, and distributors. By holding events like the Exhibition, Project Pitches, Industry Conversations and Market Screenings, and building platforms such as Film Elements, Project Pitches and Copyright Trading, the BJIFF Film Market has effectively and forcefully promoted the development of Chinese film industry.

  Spring returns, and everything comes back to life again in April. The 8th Beijing International Film Festival continues to adopt new ideas and new methods, to raise new hope and lead new trends. The film festival provides not only an opportunity for business insiders and movie lovers to communicate, but also a cutting-edge platform for film collaboration and resource integration. The BJIFF promotes the vibrant development of the Chinese film market, and leads Chinese culture and art industry to prosperity.

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