Several Indicators Create Record High: the 8th BJIFF Film Market Concludes

  On April 20, the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) Film Market wrapped up at Beijing International Hotel. In the Film Market this year, each section saw constant growth and development. A great many excellent works were selected in the Project Pitches last-ing over four months. Four Industry Conversations set a pointer in the film industry, 30 Events & Activities attracted extensive attention of the industry and 220 exhibitors from home and abroad registered. Besides, the signed volumes in Contract Signing Ceremony hit up to RMB26.0825 billion.

  Project Pitches: frequent excellent works and more investment negotiations

  This year's Film Market Project Pitches of the Beijing Interna-tional Film Festival collected a total of 722 film projects and attracted excellent Chinese filmmakers from Malaysia, Singapore, America and France. Meanwhile, the event received the most applications this year and exerted increasing international influence.

  After stressful preliminary examination, review and final road-show, 10 excellent works stood out and 20 projects making the cut were shortlisted for negotiations. On April 20, representatives from hundreds of film production companies around the world had one-to-one negotiation and exchange with the 20 shortlisted project provid-ers. Through the support from the venture investment platform, young filmmakers were able to make the first step towards market.

  Industry Conversations: focus on hot topics and establishment of a pointer in the industry

  With respective themes of “Feel the Pulse of Chinese Film Craftsmen”, “Inheritance of Craftsmanship: How the Chinese film market perfects the new-director supporting system and establishes a high-standard industrialized film mechanism”, “Way to Reshape the Film Distribution and Screening Market” and “4th Chinese Film Scriptwriter Seminar - Development and Creation of Genre Film 2018”, four Industry Conversations focused on such hot topics as big data evaluation of IP value, new directors supporting strategy, film production industrialization and genre film screenwriting. In this way, current ecological environment of Chinese film industry was evaluated in a comprehensive way.

  Events & Activities: diversified types following the industry trend

  The number of Events & Activities of the Film Market hit a rec-ord high and 30 ones with diversified topics focused on hot topics of the industry. There were not only new discussion directions on hot topics in recent years such as IP R&D and derivation, film industriali-zation and data insight, but also topics including development of net-work film & television, Chinese films “going global”, international film & television cooperation, film & television finance and technolo-gy of special effects.

  While meeting the demands of domestic and overseas film agen-cies and companies for their own brands, businesses and project pub-licity, the Events & Activities also actively integrate industry re-sources, offering a platform for further development and cooperation of each project provider.

  Exhibition: significant effects and close international exchange

  At the Exhibition, there were a total of 220 registered exhibitors, including 80 international exhibitors from Canada, Georgia, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, Israel and Mongolia. Exhibitors from around the world gathered here to seek international exchanges and cooperation.

  In terms of exhibitor category, production company this year still dominated, accounting for about 30.9%. Companies involved in cop-yright sales and agency show a growing trend, making up about 13.5%. In addition, film & television technology companies and en-terprises accounted for 9.5%, publicity and marketing enterprises and institutions for about 7.9%, distributing & releasing corporations for 8.3%, legal services for 2.6% and others for 27.3%. The category of exhibitors covers the whole film industry chain, providing a good op-portunity for the whole industry to exchange and cooperate.

  Contract Signing Ceremony: Diversified projects and record-high signed volumes

  As one of the important sections in the Film Market, Contract Signing Ceremony offers an opportunity for the industry to exchange and communicate, promoting cross-industry cooperation and resource integration of the film industry. At the Contract Signing Ceremony, a total of 38 key projects from 79 enterprises were signed, with total amount reaching RMB 26.0825 billion and a year-on-year increase of 49%, breaking the record again. The signed volumes of the Beijing In-ternational Film Festival Film Market totaled RMB101.036 billion just within eight years and the signed projects covered the whole in-dustry chain.

  In response to the Belt and Road Initiative, the Beijing Interna-tional Film Festival Film Market actively promoted international ex-change and cooperation of the film industry. Co-production projects between Chinese enterprises and those from other countries such as France, Spain and Ukraine were also signed at the Contract Signing Ceremony.

  The three-day Film Market activities cover all aspects of the film industry, from discussions of current market situations and the dis-play of enterprises involving the film industry to the promotion of specific projects. Therefore, practitioners in every link of the industry chain can benefit from the Beijing International Film Festival Film Market.

  After eight years of development, Beijing International Film Fes-tival Film Market has grown into one of the most active film markets in Asia, covering five activity sections of the whole industry chain and providing further impetus for the thriving film market. In the future, Beijing International Film Festival Film Market will continue to be the industry driver and work together with cultural supporting policies of the government to build the dream of film power!

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