Glory Of Film Blossomed In Beijing The 8th Beijing International Film Festival Dropped The Curtain and the Tiantan Award Winners Have Been Announced
  On the evening of 22th April, the Closing Ceremony of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival(BJIFF) was held at Yanqi Lake International Convention Center. The film festival is guided by National Film Bureau of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, hosted by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, China Media Group, organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Huairou District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing TV Station (BTV), Beijing Enterprises Group Real-estate Co., Ltd.
  Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Director of Municipal Publicity Department and Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival Du Feijin, Vice Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival Wang Ning, Director of Literature and art Bureau of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Tang Heng etc, attended the closing ceremony, and together with outstanding filmmakers from home and abroad, witnessed the announcement of the Tiantan Award.
  Professional Jury Professional Choice
  This year selection of “Tiantan Award” is still completed by the jury consisted of international renowned filmmakers. Wang Kar Wai, the famous Chinese director is the chairman of the international jury, which included Duan Yihong, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Jonathan Mostow, C?lin Peter Netzer, Ruben ?stlund and Shu Qi. The working area of the jury covers director, actor, producer and composer.
The 15 films of the main competition unit “Tiantan Award” this year were selected from 659 films from 6 continents, 71 countries and regions.
  Tiantan Award 2018
  Scary Mother (Georgia/Estonia)
    Tiantan Award 2018
  < Dede > ( Georgia / Qatar / Ireland/Netherlands / Croatia)
  Tiantan Award 2018
  < Eye on Juliet > (Canada)
  Joe COLE
  Tiantan Award 2018
  < Scary Mother > (Georgia/Estonia)
  Tiantan Award 2018
  <Journey's End > (UK)
  Tiantan Award 2018
  < Searing Summer > (Iran)
  Tiantan Award 2018
  < The Testament > (Israel/Austria)
  Tiantan Award 2018
  < Dede > ( Georgia / Qatar / Ireland/Netherlands / Croatia)
  Konstantin ESADZE
  Tiantan Award 2018
  <Journey's End > (UK)
  Natalie HOLT
  Tiantan Award 2018
  < Operation Red Sea >(China)
  LEE In Ho/ KANG Tae Gyun / YEE Kwok Leung/ LIN Chun Yue (Jules)/ MA Siu Fu/ Thomas LAUTENBACH/ Gareth Frederick REPTON
  Shining filmmakers Gathering on the Red Carpet
  The 8th Beijing International Film Festival holds the theme of “Work hard to press ahead and keep our mission firmly in mind”, continues to improve the creation and market development of domestic and foreign movies, as well as the culture. International well-known filmmakers and film industry practitioners gathered here to discuss about the development of cinema. After 8 days’ communication, discussion , cooperation and trade, the 8th Beijing Film Festival has come to a close. At the red carpet ceremony for the closing ceremony, well-known Chinese and foreign filmmakers gathered together to celebrate the successful closing of the film event.
  Under the lead of Wang Kar Wai, chairman of this “Tiantan Award” jury, the jury of seven stepped on the red carpet for the closing ceremony together. During the past 10 days, they have done the award judging tensely and meticulously. They have already selected the right film for the ten awards. The creators of the “Tiantan Award” nominated films also stepped on the red carpet afterwards. They are the true protagonists at tonight’s award ceremony.
  Huang Bo brought Shu Qi, Wang Baoqiang, Yu Hewei, Wang Xun, who are the lead actors of his directorial debut “The Island” walked on the red carpet. These four gentlemen also performed the opening show as special guests at the Awards Ceremony, which made all the guests excited.
  Zhao Yazhi, Huo Siyan, Guan Xiaotong, the representative actresses of three generations, and the crew of the closing film, including the director Chaolu Hasi and the actors William Chen, Lin Yun, Hu Jun, also appeared on the red carpet.
  Moreover, the award presenters Isabelle Huppert, Chen Chong, Lin Chiling, Gu Changwei, Su Youpeng, Fan Wei, the crews of “Goddesses In The Flames Of War” “Renzhilieche””Chinese Peacekeeping Forces”,”Happy Dad and son”, as well as “ Goddess of Tiantan” Tong Liya who had a significant performance at the start of the Closing Ceremony walked on the red carpet.
  Global Filmmakers Finally Win the Heavy Awards which Shows the Film Has No Boundary
  The most thrilling moment of the closing ceremony is who would finally win the 10 most important Tiantan Award. Before the list of award winners was announced, the president of jury presented a speech. First he showed his appreciation to every member of jury. He said,” they are the most diligent jury members I have ever known. During the Festival, they always worked for more than ten hours each day.” Among all the fifteen nominated films, five of them are directed by female filmmakers. The president of jury also said he expected to see more and more excellent works from female directors in the future. In the end, he sent his best wishes to Beijing International Film Festival and looked forward to the brighter and better festival would take place next year.
  Later at the closing ceremony, the Awards winners were announced. The whole Award presenting section were divided into four parts. At the end of each part, there was a fantastic performance which showed the charming of light and shadow as well as the perfect combination of Chinese culture and film art. All of the presenter at the ceremony are marvelous leaders of film industry, including famous director and cinematographer Gu Changwei, veteran screenplaywriter Zou Jingzhi. They announced the ten final winners’ names of Tiantan Award.
  French actress Isabelle Huppert presented the best actress award to Nata Murvanidze for her extraordinary performance in Scary Mother.
  Veteran actor Hu Jun presented Best Actor Award. Before revealing the winner, he introduced the actor Li Xuejian who fell ill but still attended the ceremony to give out the award to the winner. Hu said that Li as a performance artist, lives a simple life, focusing on performing as best as he can for so many years, using his roles to connect with audiences. As Li once said, in the future, he hoped audiences would forget him, but remembered his roles. This is the dignity and belief of being an ac-tor. When the camera captured him sitting offstage, the audiences gave him a standing ovation, honoring the beloved artist. Then, Hu announced the winner, Joe Cole from Eye On Juliet, whose gave a great performance, won Best Actor. Li gave out the trophy to Cole.
  Fan Wei, the Best Actor winner of the Seventh Tiantan Award, presented the Best Screenplay Award. And the winner went to Amichai Greenberg from the movie The Testament. Chinese fa-mous director Feng Xiaogang gave out the Best Director Award, and the winner went to Mariam Khatchvani from the movie Dede. In tradition, the Best Feature Film Award was given out by Pres-ident of the Jury Wong Kar-wai, and the winner went to Scary Mother. The film was co-produced by Georgia and Estonia, became the chosen one among the fifteen films in competition.
  Aside of the winners of the ten awards, there were also unforgettable performances. The Sky and Mankind Became One combined Chinese ink painting, images on silver screen, and musical instru-ments, representing what was Tiantan Award standing for, which was the sky and mankind became one, finding beauty in beauty. The boyband from Ireland, boyzlife, performed a medley of songs, honoring the best of the best films.
  At last, Lei Jia performed an original song called The Promise of Tiantan, singing about the confi-dence and expectation to future Beijing International Film Festival. The host spoke on behalf of the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival, sending invitations to all over the world, wishing to meet them next spring in Beijing, to attend the festival.
  The closing ceremony showed a gesture of Vison of the world, Expression of China, and Class of Beijing, revolving a core factor of Sensation of Cinema, Saluting to Classics, Pursuing the Times, and Aesthetics of the East, showcasing the dreams of cinema in a new visual and sounding way. As for competition, every award had been given out, but as films the value of cultural spread had no boundaries. Beijing International Film Festival, using Tiantan Award to award the best of the best, but more importantly, to communicate with each other culturally, to open a window for Chinese Cinema and World Cinema.
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