Tiantan Awards Unveiled: Seven Films Win 10 Awards without Question

  Explain the dilemma choice between family and career

  Scary Mother wins two awards

  Best Feature Film and Best Actress

  A 50-year-old housewife, Manana, struggles with her dilemma - she has to choose between her family life and her passion, writing, which she had repressed for years. Art may come from nature and reality, while the nature is born from encounters in life. Nukri, the boss of a stationery shop, fully supports Manana to pursue her writing dream. Although her husband, children and publishers couldn’t understand her, she decides to follow her passion and plunges herself into writing, sacrificing to it mentally and physically. Finally, her father’s questions enlighten her writing.

  Director Anna Urushadze stated that she did not hold too much hope for the prize in advance. She said, “I knew Beijing International Film Festival a few years ago. At that time, a director from Georgia participated in the festival. But I didn’t think about the goal for participating. I’m not used to thinking ahead because the bigger the hope is, the bigger the disappointment might be.

  Break down the shackles and make voices for freedom

  Dede is a manifestation of love

  Winner of Best Director

  Best Cinematography

  It's 1992, young Dina lives in a remote mountain village where life is strictly governed by centuries of tradition. Dina’s grandfather has engaged her to David, who is returning from the war. But with him comes a comrade-in-arms, the handsome Gegi, with whom Dina falls in love at the first sight. Dina continues to defy the firmly-established traditions, and accordingly suffers the test of destiny.

  Journey’s End

  Bring you to the end of the world

  and understand the mindset of soldiers of World War I

  Winner of Best Supporting Actor

  Best Music

  In March 1918, C-company arrives to take its turn in the front-line trenches in northern France led by the war-weary Captain Stanhope. A German offensive is imminent, and the officers and their cook distract themselves in their dugout with talk of food and their past lives. Stanhope, meanwhile, soaks his fear in whiskey, unable to deal with his inevitable dread. A young new officer, Raleigh, has just arrived, fresh out of training and abuzz with the excitement of his first real posting – not least because he is to serve under Stanhope, his former school house monitor and the object of his sister’s affections. Each man is trapped, the days ticking by, the tension rising and the attack drawing ever closer.

  Searing Summer

  Love for daughters is even hotter than summer heat

  Winner of Best Supporting Actress

  Nasrin wants to divorce her husband, but knows she won’t be able to get custody of her six-year-old daughter if she does. So, unknown to her husband, she and her daughter move to another part of town where Nasrin finds a job at a hospital crèche. One day, another mom finds her and their lives take an unexpected turn.

  Operation Red Sea

  It is the Chinese military spirit that lights the entire nation.

  Winner of Best Visual Effects

  The film is about the 8-member Dragon Commando, the Chinese Navy Special Force, in a mission to rescue overseas Chinese. The Dragon Commando are divided into two teams. However, they are ambushed, which results in several deaths and injuries and finally a pyrrhic victory in fighting the conspiracy of rebel armed force leader.

  Eye on Juliet, Joe Cole

  An unrequited lover across continents

  Winner of Best Actor

  A love story through the eye of a spider drone. Across the landscape of a Middle Eastern desert and an oil pipeline, appears a strange spider-like robot that seems to be scoping the horizon. At the other end of the world, in America, Gordon, drone operator and safe keeper of the pipeline, surveys the desolated landscapes from his screens. Ayusha is a young woman who lives in the desert and has been engaged to a mid-aged man who she does not love. Now Gordon has been lost in a realistic world he does not comprehend. He becomes fascinated by Ayusha. Despite the distance, their mutual fear for the future and their imperfect interaction, Gordon will do everything in his power to help Ayusha escape her fate. During this process, he falls in love with her deeply.

  A dogged Nazi expert

  Testament about truth

  Winner of Best Screenplay

  Yoel, 45, an international expert in Holocaust research, has spent over 15 years diligently studying the Nazi’s methods of annihilating Jews in Austria and Hungary. In the course of his research, he discovers, almost by chance, classified documents that hint to the fact that his mother is living under an assumed identity. Yoel is certain that this is a mistake, but the further he plunges into his research the more he doubts his mother’s Jewish identity. This is a story about a man who is willing to risk everything to discover the truth.

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