Upgraded Official Website of Beijing International Film Festival Goes Live

  The Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) has now gone into its eighth year since 2011. We will have a high-profile ninth version lined up for April 2019.

  Focusing on the event purpose of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, the BJIFF positions itself in an international, professional, innovative and high-end, and market-oriented event, with an aim to create a world-class cultural exchange brand with international standard, Chinese characteristics and Beijing style. In this aspect, it is a film festival belonging to Beijing, China and even the world.

  Specifically, Beijing style is the basis, Chinese characteristics are fundamental, and international standard is a sign of strength. In keeping with the three criteria, the BJIFF has now had its brand-new official website. The design concept of the new version highlights the seven main activities of the BJIFF in terms of color, layout, vision and other elements, and showcases the achievements made during previous BJIFF editions. The upgraded website is built with more advanced technology, providing more convenient and effective services for a large audience, attendees, exhibitors and the media alike.

  Changes in Visual Design

  The modules are mainly presented in black and white, dotted with gray and gold, so that a clear distinction is made between the important and the lesser one without being unduly prim and sedate. The blend of the dominant tone with and the embellishment colors is more conducive to navigating users.

  In terms of layout, the design concept is focused on minimalist, with alternating contextual cues and overlapping space, which is simplistic but not simple-minded.

  Compared to the previous one, the new version is more effective in navigating users to use the website and quickly find what they need. Based on different focuses of the BJIFF at different times, different column layouts are displayed to carry a clear promoting role.

  For the most sought Tiantan Awards section, you can see the nominations, posters of the award-winning films, and awards on the homepage at the first sight. The section also features the integrated design of the elements that reflect the BJIFF’s activity theme of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future” and the poster background of the nominations and award-winning films, allowing excellent films to benefit from the BJIFF platform.

  Application of New Technologies

  In addition to the adoption of HTML5 technology to ensure the unity and coordination among various versions, the website also introduces cutscenes on the homepage, uses JavaScript language to guarantee the compatibility and fluency of the website, and applies other technologies to deliver viewers a smoother operating experience.

  Breakthrough in Security

  The new official website has established an identity authentication and authorization management system for application systems for different users. According to different user security levels, users are allowed to use regular “ID + password”, “dynamic password”, “digital certificate in combination with key” and other identity authentication means. Besides, centralized identity authentication and authorization management that is implemented for users through the management system ensures secure user information and information business management systems of the BJIFF.

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