2019 Beijing Film Market Events & Activities cooperation kicks off: market transformation and upgrading to promote industrial cohesion

  As one of the highlights at the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)-Beijing Film Market , Events & Activities focuses on hot topics in the industry, shares new industry knowledge, and provides a platform for upstream and downstream companies in the film industry chain for market exchanges and cooperation so as to promote symbiotic developments in the industry.

  The 9th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Events & Activities will take place from April 16 to 19, 2019 at Beijing International Hotel. It will continue to bring together relevant organizations or companies in the industry chain and serve the needs for their own brand, business and project promotion and cooperation. To facilitate in-depth exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and the market, the Events & Activities also offers diversified solutions covering project roadshows, corporate launches, and cultural salons, among others.

  Focus on new market highlights and looking forward to new industry opportunities

  In 2018, the box office is growing at a steady pace, and the cumulative box office in the first eleven months has hit 55.9 billion yuan, a figure in excess of the total in 2017. Together, Operation Red Sea, Detective Chinatown Vol 2 and Monster Hunt 2 garnered approximately 10 billion yuan at box office, which demonstrates that the film consumer market shows maturity at the post era of "ticket subsidies". The up-and-coming directors sought breakthroughs in film genre by challenging with big-budget productions such as Till the End of the World and Animal World. The high quality films Dying to Survival, A Cool Fish, and How Long Will I Love You brought surprises to the audience. High-quality content has become the key to the growth of box office, and the return of rational creation drives the double harvest of acclaimed Chinese films in both word of mouth and box office double harvest, making these films a new highlight in the market. The non-box office consumer market has also received much attention, in which the development of high and new technologies has led to the consumption of film products in the form of audiovisuals in other media outside the theater. At the same time, the overlapping consumption of online games, theme parks and licensed merchandises derived from film has promoted the industrialization of the film market.

  In addition to diversified forms, the Events & Activities focuses its content on the core elements of the film industry chain. Back to the 8th version of Beijing Film Market, a total of 30 events & activities were held for 3 days, with the topics covering IP R&D and derivative, film and television industrialization, data insight, new media-driven network and film development, "Culture Going Global" Sino-foreign cooperation, financial analysis, special effects technology and other contents from a diversified perspective. Presented in various forms such as theme forums, guest dialogues, and roadshows, the Event & Activities reaches mobile guests in this huge market and efficiently pools together industrial resources.

  International promotion to promote the integration of Chinese and foreign resources

  In this aspect, other than holding the "MPA Workshop" at the Beijing Film Market, the Motion Picture Association of America also select pitching project production temas through master lectures, project roadshows and other activity forms to study in Hollywood’s major film companies, aiming to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign filmmakers in the development of film and television projects. HOPE was present at the Events & Activities of Beijing Film Market in 2018, attracting Chinese and foreign filmmakers to actively participate and laying a good foundation for Chinese culture to go global and assist the Chinese and foreign film and television industry chains in integration and international connection. In combination with its own understanding of business and technology, German visual effects company PIXOMONDO analyzed the time planning in visual effects production in detail and brought interactions and communication about the application of innovative technologies in film and television.

  Multi-element integration to develop endogenous impetus

  With the rapid development of new media and the transformation of Internet content towards high quality, Sansheng and New Studio respectively explored the new ideas of Internet content production market and publicity marketing in the Internet environment. Nielsen explored how data insights empower Chinese films with film consumers as a pointcut. The Internet Film Pitching Summit sponsored by Century Media Group provided a display platform for China's Internet film and television talents and project incubation, and made the story integrate with the capital through roadshows.

  The 9th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Events & Activities is upgraded in an all-round way, providing in-depth market exchange space, quality supporting facilities and more site solutions for the cooperative enterprises. In addition, the Beijing Film Market membership mechanism also provides long-term partners with special experience services as well as overseas promotion and industry exchange resource services at the BJIFF, building a resource sharing system and enhancing industrial cohesion. The Beijing Film Market looks forward to exploring more possibilities for the film industry along with upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain.

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  The 9th BJIFF Beijing Film Market looks forward to your participation!

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