Gratitude, Appreciation, Gratefulness

As the New Year is around the corner, everything takes on a new look

On the occasion of the New Year

Please accept our sincere thanks and blessings!


It is you who made unremitting efforts at the stage of our preparations for the BJIFF

It is you who offered thoughtful recommendations in the process of the establishment of the BJIFF

It is you who lent a hand when the BJIFF was faced with difficulties

Perhaps, you are a volunteer who stands fast and remains at your post with selfless dedication

Perhaps, you are a movie buff who frequently goes to the cinema

Perhaps, you are a journalist who helps promote the BJIFF and add weight to it


Thank you

Each and every person who cares about, stays on and shows love to the BJIFF

Every care you show

Is a great encouragement to us

Every effort you’ve made

Constitutes the source of our power

Every support you render

Increases our confidence to make bold changes and innovations


The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

The BJIFF will go into its ninth year in April, 2019

“Home • Country” is the theme penetrating all the activities held at the BJIFF

Salute to heroes, salute to the times

Show the world

China’s charm

Utter the loudest voice of the times

Build a cultural bridge

Tell China’s stories


In Beijing in April, the grasses grow luxuriantly, the weather is mild and the flowers bloom

In Beijing in April, a wondrous visual feast is staged

In Beijing in April, the harmonious sound of the times is loud and clear

In Beijing in April, friends, new and old, meet again

In Beijing in April, we are here waiting for you


Recall with gratitude being with you all the way and helping one another in difficult time

Appreciate sharing glory with you and rewriting a brilliant chapter

Be grateful for sticking to righteousness and innovation together with you to scale new heights !

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