Have you teed up for the annual feast for movie fans:the 100-day countdown is on!

  There are 100 days away from the opening of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)!

  Apart from movie stars who walk the red carpet and the selection of Tiantan Award, the most anticipated sector for movie fans at the BJIFF every year is certainly Beijing Film Panorama.

  “Welcome to Beijing to watch the best films in Spring!”

  The word has been both a sincere invitation to the fans to the BJIFF and a goal we set to motivate ourselves all the time.

  From the first BJIFF launched in 2011, we have been focusing on bringing together outstanding Chinese and international film productions, with a hope to create an annual movie viewing feast for fans.

  In the past eight years, the BJIFF has screened a cumulative number of thousands of films, catering to the viewing needs of fans of all tastes.

  The BJIFF has taken in account the age-old masterpieces of those art film masters,

  Including Akira Kurosawa, George Orson Welles, Michelangelo Antonioni, Ernst Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, to just name a few.

  The critically acclaimed and hot-selling classic commercial films would naturally not be missed:

  The Lord of the Rings franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Mission: Impossible franchise, X-Men franchise, among others.

  As for the hit films at the annual awards season, movie fans also have the opportunity to watch them at the BJIFF, many of which are even premiered in China.

  Through focus on the young filmmakers at home and abroad, the BJIFF has brought many surprises to fans.

  Among the 659 entries competing for the Tiantan Award at the 8th BJIFF, 15 films from 19 countries and regions were shortlisted for the award, including 13 overseas films and 2 domestic films.

  The 8th BJIFF brought a big-name lineup of the Jury of Tiantan Award, led by the famous director Wong Kar-Wai, including Duan Yihong, Jan A. P. Kaczmarek, Jonathan Mostow, Călin Peter Netzer, Ruben Östlund and Shu Qi.

  The judges all have considerable experience in their respective domains, whether they are a director, a screenwriter, a producer, a composer of a performer.

  As senior filmmakers in the film industry, they also looked forward to and paid attention to these 15 outstanding films from around the world, especially those directed by the new directors.

  At the Closing & Tiantan Award Ceremony held on the evening of April 22nd, the Best Feature Film was awarded to a new director's debut Scary Mother.

  Compared with previous years, the 8th BJIFF set a number of records:

  The number of entries for the Tiantan Award was 659, an increase of 235 compared with the seventh edition;

  The Beijing Film Panorama secured 2 million yuan at box office in the first 1 minute and 9 million yuan within 12 minutes at an unprecedented ticketing speed...

  The influence of the BJIFF is not only reflected internally in the filmmakers from various countries and movie fans, but also in media communication, in terms of which the figures created by the BJIFF are even more astonishing.

  During the 8th BJIFF alone, there were over 7,000 press releases published by 587 domestic and overseas registered media outlets (excluding those through WeChat, Weibo and other We Media), and more than 30 million online searches.

  Of course, this would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the central media agencies. The China Media Group broadcasted more than 2,000 pieces of news, and the number of audience reached 400 million over TV.

  It is natural for the thoughtful BJIFF to witness such a grand network feast.

  Today, there are just 100 days away from the official opening of the 9th BJIFF.

  As for this year's list of screening films, it is not time to make it public! Movie fans can give free rein to your imagination about it~

  However, the BJIFF will surely break through your imagination as it did in previous years.

  Let’s prime for the celebration and count down together!

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