Beijing Film Market Opens Membership Service System:Upgraded Cooperation with Members for the Future

  With the continuous development of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), the number of organizations participating in the Beijing Film Market has been on the increase year by year, which features ever-richer types. Due to drawing the increasing attention from the industry, the Beijing Film Market has become the weather vane of the Chinese film market. In the past eight years, the BJIFF Beijing Film Market sector had an extensive connection with industry resources, attracted enthusiastic participation of the industry insiders, and has cooperated with more than 1,000 Chinese and international film and television organizations. It has been an effective platform for resource aggregation and interactive exchanges.

  To create an “always open” Beijing Film Market, establish a long-term and normalized service mechanism for the film and television industry, and strengthen industrial resources agglomeration and interactive exchanges, the Beijing Film Market has implemented the Market Membership System since 2018, further catering to market demands and benefitting organizations and industry insiders who continue to support the BJIFF Beijing Film Market for years.

  Who are Beijing Film Market certified members?

  Any institution or anyone that satisfies any of the following can be a member of the Beijing Film Market

  1.Chinese and international film and television organizations that registered to participate in the Exhibition for three consecutive years.

  2.Companies and individuals who were shortlisted in the final judgment of the Project Pitches at previous editions. 

  3.Chinese and international film and television organizations that hosted the Industry Conversations twice or more at the Beijing Film Market.

  4.Chinese and international film and television organizations that held the Events & Activities twice or more.

  5.Chinese and international film and television organizations that participated in the Contract Signing Ceremony twice or more.

  Level of Membership and Member Benefits

  The members of the BJIFF Beijing Film Market are classified into three levels: Gold Member, Platinum Member and Diamond Member. The level is characterized by increase in sequence, with Diamond Member at the highest level. Companies and organizations that have become members of the Beijing Film Market fall into Domestic Member and Overseas Member based on their country or region.

  Domestic Member is classified according to the nature of the company (production company, post-production company, marketing company, distribution company, copyright trading company, legal service organization, financial fund company and others). Overseas film and television institutions and companies are classified according to the nature of institutions and enterprises. Government departments such as film commissions or film promotion agencies can be directly honored with diamond members, the representative offices of film and television institutions in China with platinum members, and the rest with gold members.

  All memberships are dynamically adjusted. Membership information is updated in June every year based on the actual situation of the members’ participation in previous/current Beijing Film Market, company development status and industry influence.

  The BJIFF Beijing Film Market appreciates all the companies at the upstream and downstream of the industry chain for their support all the way. We will continue to improve our service system to provide market partners with richer resource platforms and cooperation opportunities.

  Look forward to working together with new and old friends joining the Beijing Film Market to contribute to the development of the Chinese film industry!

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