This Year’s Beijing Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony Sends Sincere Invitations to Intensively Lunch Major Projects

  Gather together in the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), which has brought countless classic films and unforgettable viewing experience to both filmmakers and movie fans, to look into the future, witness the glory of filmmakers, and experience the vigorous development of the market.

  As well as a variety of activities such as Beijing Film Panorama, Theme Forum and Film Carnival, the Contract Signing Ceremony of the Beijing Film Market also attracts tremendous attention at the BJIFF serving as an annual international film event. Over the past eight years since its inauguration, the Contract Signing Ceremony has achieved a total contract amount of more than 100 billion yuan. The previous versions have signed a range of major cooperative projects including film projects and industrial construction, attracting attention from all walks of life, elevating the morale of the industry, and providing a platform for resource integration and cooperation and exchanges in the film industry.

  The Beijing Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony 2019 will be held at the Beijing International Hotel on April 19. We are now sending sincere invitations to the insiders and companies in the industry. Projects related to the film industry chain including film project cooperation, company investment and financing, industrial base construction and theater development are welcome to the Beijing Film Market for intensive demonstration and signing. In addition to providing a free signing platform for the contracted projects, the Beijing Film Market will also issue a honorary certificate to the “Key Contracted Project”. It provides high-quality publicity resources from the BJIFF, while paying attention to the future development of the contracted projects and making greater efforts to help connect more industrial resources and market services for the follow-up development of the contracted projects. In 2018, a total of 38 key projects signed with 79 companies were present at the Beijing Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony of the 8th BJIFF, with a total amount of 26.0825 billion yuan. The Beijing Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony is gradually becoming an important stage and primary choice for companies in the industry to launch major projects.

Group photo at the 8th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony

  Co-production projects create a new chapter for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign film industries

  A number of co-production projects were signed at the BJIFF Contract Signing Ceremony. Among them, under the witness of Eduardo Escribano, Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain in China, Ding Jun Shan Movie Company, CVC Group, YingTian Pictures and Spanish Animation bike worked together to sign a number of co-production animated film projects—Bikes The Movie·1&2, Rippo's Planet, Nino and Pirates. Crescent Spring, Jiayuguan and other places in Gansu will appear in international animated films as the foundation of scene creativity.

  Wish Dragon, a Sino-American animated film, is co-produced by Sparkle Roll Media, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation and Base. The lifelike image of fairy dragon made an debut at the contract signing ceremony. We expect the works with novelty in subject and style will be unveiled as soon as possible.

  STELLAR MEGAMEDIA and FILM.UA GROUP signed a memorandum of cooperation on the new film The Flaming Eagle, indicating that a cross-border co-production with military theme was officially launched. At the same time, the film Visa co-produced by China Film Co.,Ltd., Yoshow Film and French AAA Group started a new chapter in exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign film industries.

  A number of industrial funds and film and television towns have been released, and the development of cultural tourism has penetrated deeply into the industry chain

  There were five funds launched at the 8th Beijing Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony, among which the “Zhijiang Cultural Tourism Industry Fund” is led by East Wave, focusing on the layout of investment in culture, tourism and film and television, and striving to promote the integrative development of film and television and cultural tourism. The “East Taihu Lake International Film and Television Culture Industry Base - Film and Television Culture Industry Fund”, an effort in partnership between Daisy Holdings Inc. and Symbiotic Alliance and the Management Committee of the Taihu New Town in Wujiang, Suzhou, deploys the cultural industry around base development.

  The film and television town projects have developed at a fast pace in recent years. The “Weihai Film and Television Culture Town”, a cooperative project between Ding Jun Shan Movie Company and Weihai Municipal People’s Government, was present at the contract signing ceremony. The project is oriented at the film and television industry to create a new landmark in marine culture so as to form a landscape that “there is Sanya in the south of China and there is Weihai in the north of China. “The “China Cinecitta” in Hangzhou is jointly built by China Film Group Corporation, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Beiying Starlight Culture Development Company and Xi'an Pingwei Industry, striving to create a movie and culture town in China that integrates the development of the film industry, cultivation of film talents, exchanges among international film and television industries, and tourism and leisure, and then promoting the deep penetration of film and television culture into industrial construction.

  The BJIFF Beijing Film Market is constantly integrating high-quality film resources in domestic and international markets, building a bridge for cooperation and exchanges, and leading the Chinese film market to keeping move forward. The BJIFF Beijing Film Market is looking forward to witnessing more cooperation projects to be signed and sharing best moments.

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