9th Beijing International Film Festival Opening Ceremony

  Beijing International Film Festival dates with audience every year on April. It plays an important role of Beijing as the cultural center of China, with building an essential platform for communication, cooperation and development of global films. Adhering the concept of Share the Screen, Shape the Future, Beijing International Film Festival creates an open, comprehensive and perse film culture environment for filmmakers and audience. At this celebrating night, well-known filmmakers gather in Beijing and experience the tremendous space of film industry development provided by the progress of time. 

  The opening ceremony was full of starlight. Shen Haixiong, Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC,President of China Media Group and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the BJIFF. Du Feijin, CPC Beijing Municipal Standing Committee member, Director of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee,Executive Vice-Chairman of BJIFF Organizing Committee, said Beijing International Film Festival infused new energy and vitality to the Chinese and worldwide film industry. 

  9th Beijing International Film Festival has attracted 591 domestic and foreign registered media with 1,669 journalist. Beijing Film Market has received 735 projects. Over 500 films have been screened in Beijing Film Panorama. 

  With High Spirits, Welcome the Great Event 

  The opening ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival invited more than 200 domestic and foreign filmmakers and 50 film crews to step onto the red carpet. As a stage for filmmakers to show their style, fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite filmmakers on the red carpet and welcoming them with the warmest voice. The filmmakers and fans share the joy of the film together. 

  The international jury of the Beijing International Film Festival Tiantan Award is composed of filmmakers who have received extensive attention from inside and outside the industry. Tonight, the jury president of Tiantan Award, American film director Rob Minkoff, with the jury members, including Chilean director and producer Silvio Caiozzi, Chinese film director, screenwriter and producer Baoping Cao, Russian director Sergey Dvortsevoy, famous actress of Hong Kong, China Carina Lau, Iranian director Majid Majidi, British film director and producer Simon West attends the red carpet for the opening ceremony. The jury has been conducting selection tensely on 15 films of official selection of Tiantan Award since April 12th. 

  The main crews of tribute films of the 70th Anniversary year of the People's Republic of China attend the red carpet. Andrew Lau, a famous director of Hong Kong, China, with the starring Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan and others of the tribute film “Chinese Pilot” arrives on the red carpet. The film based on the true story, pays tribute to the heroic captain of Sichuan Airlines. 

  The film “The Composer” co- produced by China and Kazakhstan is the opening film of the Film Festival this year. The director Xierzati Yahefu and the starring Hu Jun interact with the fans on the red carpet. The film based on the little-known experiences of the musician Xian Xinhai, tells a story about the friendship between China and Kazakhstan, to express the fusion of the family and the country. In addition, the main crews of "Fire Hero", "Red Stars Shine China" and other films are also present at the Beijing International Film Festival. 

  Director Peter Chan and young actor Hu Ge, with their latest film “Li Na”, based on the striving story of the famous tennis player Li Na, attend the red carpet. 

  Famous French actress Sophie Marceau, well-known American actor Christopher Walken, famous Japanese actress Komaki Kurihara and other international filmmakers attend the red carpet, who celebrate the film event with Chinese filmmakers. Their achievements in the film have been widely recognized by the industry. At the opening ceremony, they connect the Chinese and Western film culture, and recommend official selection of Tiantan Award, which is of far- reaching significance. 

  The young actors on the red carpet represent more possibilities for the future of Chinese film. The enterprising actress Wu Jinyan, who is the guest performer tonight, attends the red carpet. Together with her partner guest performer actress Dilraba, she presents the vibrancy and style of the young filmmakers on the red carpet, which attracts enthusiastic cheers from the fans. Young actors such as Zhou Dongyu and Chen Duling show different charms on the red carpet, who bring a big surprise to the fans on the red carpet scene. The fans look forward to watching their latest films. 

  The filmmakers on the red carpet are the outstanding representatives of the Chinese film industry. Together with more behind-the-scenes filmmakers, they have created the achievements of Chinese film. In 2018, the movie box office in the Chinese mainland market totaled 60.976 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.06%, including 37.197 billion domestic box office, accounting for 62.15%. On February 11th, 2019, the mainland box office exceeded 10 billion, only taking 42 days, which sets a new record. Along with these figures, Chinese film market environment becomes optimizing, the industry becomes mature, and the quality of films becomes better. 

  With the 70-year development, China has developed into a big country of film and is gradually moving towards a power country of film. Chinese filmmakers are standing at an unprecedented development node, actively communicating and cooperating with global filmmakers, spreading Chinese film culture, and leading the trend of the new era. 

  70th Anniversary Year of the People's Republic of China, Along with Cinema 

  This year, 2019, marks the 70th Anniversary Year of the People's Republic of China. In the past 70 years, Chinese cinema has achieved remarkable achievements at domestic and abroad. The opening ceremony centered on the theme of “Home·Land” and led the audience to review the film development of the 70th Anniversary Year of the People's Republic of China. The performance of the filmmakers perfectly matched the film images on stage, leading the audience through time and space to experience the perfect interpretation of cinema's atmosphere towards our homeland. 

  The famous French actress Sophie Marceau was on the stage under the guidance of a kite. This kite symbolizes the first Chinese -foreign co-production children's film "Kite" (1958), which is also a testimony of Sino-French friendship. Sophie Marceau said excitedly, "I hope to ride a bicycle, fly a kite, and watch the best movies of the world in Beijing." She also revealed that she was filming a movie in China. 

  Komaki Kurihara, the honored guest for promoting the Official Selection, recalled her relationship with Chinese cinema. She came to China 40 years ago to participate in the Sino-Japanese film exchange event. Since then, she came to China many times, beloved by Chinese movie fans. Nowadays, the interactions between Chinese cinema and world cinama has become more and more frequent, and more and more international filmmakers have come to China to shooting films. 

  As Du Feijin, CPC Beijing Municipal Standing Committee member, Director of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee,Executive Vice-Chairman of BJIFF Organizing Committee, said in his opening speech: "We are not only willing to embrace the world cinema with open arms, but also use the aesthetics of the East, to integrate organically with expression of light and shadow, telling the story of China in a great way, contributing Chinese wisdoms and Chinese creations to world cinema." 

  At the opening ceremony, 90-year- old performance artist Tian Hua came on stage to promote the opening film, and the audience gave her a round of enthusiastic applause to pay tribute to the actress who witnessed the steady development of the the People's Republic of China cinema. Tian Hua played Xi Er in the classic movie "The White- haired Girl" and Tian Yumei in the classic movie "The Daughter of the Party" and witnessed the great achievements of the 70th Anniversary Year of the People's Republic of China. The opening film "Composer", which is recommended by Tian Hua, was adapted from the unknown experiences of famous composer Xian Xinghai. 

  In 1939, Xian Xinghai finished symphony Yellow River Cantata. 

  This year is the 80th Anniversary of Yellow River Cantata. This symphony is full of patriotic spirit and homeland feelings, which is uplifting. In the film "Composer", "Yellow River Cantata" was a key element. The film was selected for Competition Section, "Tiantan Award" at this year's film festival. At the opening ceremony, the cast of the film came on stage to share with the audience the behind the scene story of Xian Xinghai stranded in Kazakhstan because of the war and honored his country and homeland. 

  The climax of the opening ceremony accompanied with the music of " Me and My Country". This song, which everyone knows well, immediately brought everyone into the memories and emotions of the home country. The songs are presented through the combination of videos on screen and live performances, connecting shooting locations, the audience in the auditorium and the filmmakers on stage, expressing the deep feeling that the filmmakers will always be with the motherland and its people. 

  The opening ceremony of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival through the theme of Home·Land, presented blessings to 70th Anniversary Year of the People's Republic of China, which is growing stronger and stronger. In the new era of Chinese Cinema, initiated a wide range of emotional resonance. The glory of history, shone brightly on Chinese filmmakers. 

  Recording China, Connecting World 

  Photos shoot moment, films record time. The achievements taken place during 70 years from the founding of the People's Republic of China could be seen clearly in the world of light and shadow. 

  Regarding Beijing as a center, Chinese filmmakers are creating remarkable achievements continually, telling the stories of China and promoting their feelings to home and land. Until now, the first three films which have created the highest box office, Wolf Warriors 2, The Wandering Earth and Operation Red Sea, are all produced by film companies in Beijing. Beijing, as the center of Chinese film industry, has taken on a huge historical responsibility. These three films have profoundly reflected the feelings to home and land of Chinese people. 

  With 9th Beijing International Film Festival opens its curtain, Panorama, Forums, Beijing Film Market and Film Carnival will be held in the next days. The whole world now is focusing on Chinese film market and production. Promoting China to become a nation of excellent films from a nation of numerous films, is an important mission to the whole country. Relying on the advantage of Beijing, Beijing International Film Festival is like an engine to help Chinese film industry stepping forward continually, and like a bridge to connect Chinese films and world films. Now, hundreds of film institutions and thousands of guests all gather in Beijing. As Chinese film market environment optimizing, a prosperous era of Chinese films will come in the near future. 

  Come to watch the best world films and learn the most memorable Chinese stories in Beijing every April. Film is a connection between China and world. Beijing International Film Festival has brought global filmmakers together, sharing film resources, analyzing film industry and achieving the goal of a win-win finally. 

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