Contract Amount to RMB 30.9028 Billion
The 9th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Makes Another Splendid Achievement

  On April 19th, the Beijing Film Market of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) held its contract signing ceremony in Beijing International Hotel, during which a new record was witnessed - 40 projects of 77 enterprises were signed for cooperation, totaling RMB 30.9028 billion with an increase of about 18.48% YoY. Signed projects covered major film development, publicity and distribution, strategic cooperation conclusion, industrial park construction, industry fund establishment and young filmmakers training plan.

  As one of the most important part in the Beijing Film Market, the contract signing ceremony in the previous sessions, by virtue of a series of signed cooperation with popular films and relevant companies’ blockbuster projects, attracted the attention of all the circles, energized the whole industry, offered insiders opportunities of communication, and provided the film industry with a platform for cross-industry cooperation and resources integration.

Large-scale Enterprises Shoulder the Responsibility for Cultural Development

China’s Film Industry Development Facilitated by Content and Large Park Construction

  Yang Shuo, Director-General of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and Vice-Chairman & Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival made a speech by concluding the four achievements that the Beijing Film Market had made. First, the international industry exchange and cooperation were expanded further, and the success of “Indian Film Week” accelerated Chinese films to go global; second, the main activities of Beijing Film Market became larger-scale and more outstanding to allow new projects, enterprises and technologies to be shown in a more adequate way; third, a number of new talents and new projects for Project Pitches came forth to make innumerable great achievements; fourth, the industry dialogues and special activities & events were held in pace with the times, and the topics for discussions became more forward looking and better targeted, therefore, seats for each session were taken.

  Following the speech was the contract signing ceremony where 77 enterprises and organizations went up onto the stage to sign contracts for major projects including “Zhu’A International Cultural and Creative Town” Film and Television Base organized by China Film Co., Ltd. and China Chaohua International Film and Television Harbor. About RMB 7 billion was invested in the construction of “Zhu’A International Cultural and Creative Town” Film and Television Base which was estimated to be completed in 2023. The Town would be a collection of film and television art, shooting, production, distribution and cultural tourism, aiming to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese film market and local economy and culture. The Harbor would be built into a world class film and television industrial park throughout the industry chain that combines film and television creation, shooting, production, distribution, experience, tourism, teaching and service.

  China Film Co., Ltd. had eight projects signed at the ceremony. It would join hands with French AAA Group, to shoot The Legend of Jinling; China Film Animation Ltd. would join hands with Beijing Zhuizongzheye Film Culture Co., Ltd. to produce the film A Dream Planet; and a strategic cooperation agreement for cinema service was signed between China Film Digital Giant Screen (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Zhujiang Film & Media Corporation Limited.

  Poly Culture Group Corporation Limited had six projects signed at the ceremony, of which, there were several fine cultural projects conscious of social responsibility. Poly Culture Group would join hands with Zhang Boju Pansu Cultural Development Foundation to develop the film Zhang Boju; Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd. would join hands with Beijing Huaren Dingcheng Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. to incubate Lao She’s works, including Cat Country, Duanhun Spear and Frog Rider. Based on excellent Chinese traditional culture, the two projects aimed to inspire people of the time with the help of great masters’ spirit.

  Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd. also signed an agreement with Haina Shengshi Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to focus on the publicity and distribution of the film Years Gone. With focus on the hotspots around studying abroad and themed on the emotional life of overseas students, it tells a warm and touching love story, with Zhang Zifeng, Jiang Chao and Song Weilong playing the leading roles.

International Cooperation Prevails and Quantity of Contracts between China and Foreign Countries Witnesses Stable Increase

  Under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Chinese and foreign film and television enterprises have maintained closer interactions and broader cooperation. At this ceremony, Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd. reached an agreement with Shanghai Yuanhe Movie and TV Culture Co., Ltd. to make a China-Thailand co-production film Mr. Endless; the American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC), Gongsheng Alliance Investment Development Co., Ltd. and China Daisy Asset Mgt Limited took the lead to establish Daisy-US-Gongsheng Film and Television Cultural Industry Fund and AICC Film and Television Cultural Industry Commission; Juli Shengshi (Beijing) Media Consulting Co., Ltd. and Australia Legend Media Group Limited developed jointly two works: Love, Let It Be and Good Mate.

  Bona Film Group Limited also signed an agreement with Sony Pictures to distribute the film Fire-Fighting Heroes overseas, to help outstanding Chinese films go global. Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Chuangshixing International Film & TV Culture and Kabir Khan Films, an Indian company, reached a consensus at the Indian Film Week held by the BJIFF to jointly produce Zookeeper. Both projects have witnessed the enhanced international cultural influence of China.

  Chen Mingjie, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Director of the Beijing Film Administration, and Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival, declared that total contract amount from the Beijing Film Market was RMB 30.9028 billion., tenfold to that of the first BJIFF after ten years of development.

The Organizing Committee Joins Hands with Major Film & TV Enterprises to

Promote the Prosperity and Development of the Film and Television Industry

  To actively respond to the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of Beijing Film and Television Industry issued by Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and to further highlight the characteristics of Beijing’s filmmakers, film and television enterprises are encouraged to participate in the international communication, expand the international market and serve the film industry. At the end of the contract signing ceremony, the Beijing International Film Festival reached important strategic agreements with 27 major film and television companies including China Film Co., Ltd., Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Bona Film Group Limited, Beijing Enlight Media Co., Ltd., Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd., Wanda Media Co., Ltd., iQIYI Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Alibaba Pictures Group Limited, Tencent Pictures, Le Vision Pictures, Beijing Culture, Huace Pictures Co., Ltd., New Classics Media, HS Entertainment Group and Cultural Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. All of them declared that they would cooperate closely for common development in the future.

  The 9th BJIFF gave full play to its leading role as a cultural platform, and attached great importance to the five critical sections as film award, film, filmmaker, film fan and film plot. It provided good service for Beijing to reinforce its strategic position as “four centers” and accelerated the pace to build Beijing into a “Capital of Film and Television”. Meanwhile, it also deepened the integration with the industry to promote the flourishing development of China’s film market.

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