Light and Shadow for a Glorious Future: The Closing Ceremony for the 9th Beijing International Film Festival and the Awarding Ceremony of “Tiantan Award”

  On the evening of April 20, the closing ceremony and awarding ceremony for the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, guided by the China Film Administration, hosted by People's Government of Beijing Municipality and the China Media Group, and organized by Beijing Film Administration, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Media Network, Huairou District People's Government of Beijing Municipality and Production Base of China Film Gtoup Co., Ltd., is going to be held at the CFGC National Digital Production Base in Huairou, Beijing. Meng Xianglin, deputy president of the National Film Bureau, Du Feijin, CPC Beijing Municipal Standing Committee member, Director of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, and Executive Vice-Chairman of BJIFF Organizing Committee, and other leaders will attend the closing ceremony, to unravel the winners of the "Tiantan Award", together with Chinese and foreign filmmakers.

  Continue the Classical Vibrancy

  This year is the 70th year since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. With theme on “Home ? Land”, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival continues the goal of “sharing the resources and winning the future together” by bolstering the interaction, exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign filmmakers. More than 300 events were held in the eight days.

  As one of the seven major activities of the Beijing International Film Festival, the main competition module “Tiantan Award” has received much attention from international filmmakers. For this year’s "Tiantan Award", 775 candidate films were received from 85 countries and regions, all of them being rich in subjects and diverse in style. After rounds of screening, 15 films from 20 countries and regions were shortlisted for the “Tiantan Award”. The jury comprising internationally renownedfilmmakers evaluated and selected the shortlisted films.

  The Denmark film A Fortunate Man won the “Tiantan Award BEST FEATURE FILM”, Laszlo Nemes won the “Tiantan Award BEST DIRECTOR” by the film Sunset , 2019 Tiantan Award BEST ACTOR and 2019 Tiantan Award BEST ACTRESS was won by Aris Servetalis in the film The Waiter and Forough Ghajabagli in the film of Tehran: City of Love . “2019 Tiantan Award BEST SCREENPLAY” was won by Chinese film The Eleventh Chapter . All of the 10 awards were collected.

  Share the Glory of Red Carpet


  At the closing ceremony, domestic and foreign filmmakers assembled on the red carpet. Led by Rob Minkoff, president of the International Jury of the "Tiantan Award" andthe famous American director, seven judges set their foot on the red carpet. In the past few days, the judges carefully watched the shortlisted films with professional eyes, and carried out the “Tiantan Award” selection in an orderly and tense manner, in bids to discover the artistic value of each outstanding film.

  The 15 finalists, such as The Wandering Earth , The Composer , The Waiter , Happier Times , Grump , have made their way to the red carpet. On the awarding evening, they are protagonists worthy of reputation, as they represent the rich and diverse film art treasures to this event. The “Tiantan Award” gives them honor and also showcases the inner voice of the filmmakers for continuing the classic art.

  On the star-lit red carpet are not only the judges and the shortlisted film creators who share their glory here, but also the supportive film personnel who have worked a great deal in the industry and now celebrate the glorious moments ofthe filmmakers. Young artists like Shawn Dou, Zheng Kai and Guan Xiaotong appeared on the red carpet and acted as guest performers at the awarding ceremony. Famous film artists such as Nick Cheung, Yong Mei, Kara Wai, Li Yifeng and Liya Tong, appeared as honorable guests on the red carpet, elicits fits of cheer from fans. The famous Indian actor Shahrukh Khan also appeared on the red carpet and recommended the closing film Zero .

  The starlight of the films belongs not only to those performing on the stage, but also to the behind-the-scenes staff who silently did supportive work. The successful, orderly convening of the festival is inseparable from the efforts of the volunteers. Therefore, some volunteer representatives are specially invited to the closing ceremony red carpet, as a means of thanking them for their efforts done in the film festival. The starlight of the stage also belongs to all the people who work hard behind the scenes. The Shinning Evening

  in the Coming Year

  Filming is called the art of dream making. The "Tiantan Award" has defined ten awards to recognize the film creators who work hard to make dreams. At the closing ceremony and the awarding ceremony, ten awards are awarded in four rounds. Between each two rounds, a well-organized film-based program shows the audience into the world of light and shadow, to feel the charm of light and shadow. Around the theme of “Home ? Land” of this festival, stage design and programming highlight the Chinese elements, incorporating the attachment to home and land into the art of light and shadow.

  At the beginning of the film festival, young film actor Li Yifeng performances This is the film , which is the combination of stage drama and song and dance show. In the performance, we can see full of youthful spirit, sense of mission to express the filmmaker’s desire to realize their film dreams. The actor Huang Xiaoming and the young singer and actress, also the "Belt and Road " ambassador Yi Liyuan, jointly sing Long Wen, a song with Chinese culture and patriotism. The scenes of light and shadow let the audience immerse themselves in the art realm of Chinese chess, zither, painting, calligraphy and dance. Shawn Dou, Zheng Kai and Guan Xiaotong present the film suite program called Love of Movies. The classic theme songs enable the audience return to the fantasies created by the films.

  In the awarding session, the Beijing Film Festival's biggest award, "Tiantan Award" -BEST FEATURE FILM, was given in presence of the honorary guest who is the internationally renowned Chinese director, Zhang Yimou. In the past three decades, Zhang’s films have spread the Chinese stories to the world. He deeply felt that "more Chinese stories still need to be told, and more world stories want to be seen here." In the new era, the Beijing International Film Festival strives to become a platform for interactive communication.

  Last, the "Tiantan Award"-BEST FEATURE FILM trophy is handed over to the Director Billy August of the award-winning film A Fortunate Man by the awarding guest and chairman of the jury, Robert Mingkov. Two internationally renowned directors are invited to announce and present the BEST FEATURE FILM awards seperately, in hopes of continuing the classical art of the "Tiantan Award". This moment of glory will be a new starting point and a new driving force for the award-winning filmmakers.

  As the closing ceremony and the awarding ceremony come to an end, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival is finished with a complete success. In the past nine years, the Beijing International Film Festival has actively created an open and diverse interactive platform for the exchange and development of Chinese and foreign films, making remarkable accomplishments and gaining recognition and prize from domestic and foreign filmmakers.

  In the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, 450 domestic and foreign guests attended the opening and closing ceremonies on the Red Carpet, more than 100 of them being international guests. They came to Beijing from all over the world for this grand event.“Beijing Film Panorama” brought the best film of the world for fans. A total of nearly 500 Chinese and foreign blockbusters participated in this year's show, attracting 230,000 people to watch the movies. Meanwhile, 63 meetings and exchanges were held to bridge the gap between the filmmakers and the audience as well as to share the story behind the light and shadow.There are 202 exhibitors registered in the “Beijing Film Market”, which result in signed contracts worth RMB 30.092 billion.In the future, there will be more, better film programs with richer content to amuse the audience. In the interaction between the audience and thefilm culture, the film carnival activities will continue to 4th May, and is supposed to attract 100,000people, who experienced the spells of film art and technology. The orderly organization of the film festival also appealed to the media. A total of 591 domestic and foreign media companies signed up for the event, and 1,669 journalists came to report the film festival.

  The striking achievements have been made by hosting the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. As the song "I Love You China" is sung by the Chinese singer Sun Nan, the Beijing International Film Festival sends an invitation to filmmakers around the world to meet in Beijing next spring again. The 10th Beijing International Film Festival will cooperate with the filmmakers all over the world to seek common development and win the future together.

  Based in Beijing and supported by the new era opportunities, the Beijing International Film Festival will help China in striding forward from a large movie economy to a movie power. With the increasing international influence, it will continue the efforts to actively propel the interactive development of the global film industry and the Chinese film, towards the goal of "international levels, Chinese characteristics

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