To Redeem A Ten-Year Pledge for Film! The Registration for the Beijing Film Market of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival Kicks off

  As spring comes after winter, the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) enters its tenth year with the rapid development of Chinese films, which has gradually become an important vane for the development of the Chinese film industry. Over the past ten years, thanks to the vigorous development of the Chinese film industry, the BJIFF has achieved gratifying and prodigious achievements. The Beijing Film Market of the tenth edition will bring more subdivided, professional and international content to film players at home and abroad, creating the most active film market in Asia.

  The Beijing Film Market of the tenth edition will be unveiled at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center from April 21 to 24, 2020. The registration for the market will be available on December 2, 2019.


  Exhibition for Attracting Business — Broaden Horizon, Integrate Resources to Promote Cooperatio

  The Beijing Film Market of the 9th BJIFF attracted more than 200 domestic and foreign exhibitors, covering such areas as film and television investment and financing, production, post-production technology, publicity and marketing, distribution and screening, legal services and derivative development. At the four-day event, exhibitors, with new ideas and new ideas, discussed cooperation with more than 30,000 registered market guests.

  The Beijing Film Market in 2020 will redesign the exhibition area with all booths on the third floor for domestic and foreign exhibitors to display in a centralized manner. This year's exhibition will invite film associations / film agencies from various countries as representatives to set up the National Film Commission Exhibition Area so as to strengthen international cooperation. In addition, it will invite key domestic film and television companies to participate in the event. At the same time, it will further review the qualification and strength of participating companies to ensure their quality, and provide proper services according to the needs of exhibitors, such as negotiation appointments, event organization, participation, and provision of promotion resources.

  The Beijing Film Market in 2020 will continue to deepen the construction of the International Film Trading Zone, with a newly-added Market Screenings Section. This section, by virtue of various forms such as high-quality, private film appreciation conferences, will create a communication space for domestic and foreign film and television resource cooperation. The market will strengthen services and invite representatives from high-quality companies to participate in the appreciation conferences according to the needs of guests, bringing comprehensively upgraded services to exhibitors and guests.



  Project Pitches—Increasing Industry Interaction and Respecting Talents and Stories

  Come with a story and leave with a film! With the release of the films Bloody Daisy, Rebuilding and Happy New Year, as well as great achievements made at domestic and international film festivals by Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, Under The Sun and Suburban Birds, the projects and creators emerging from the BJIFF Project Pitches platform have grown mature, attracted attention and attained recognition of the market. Over eight years, Project Pitches, after going through innovation, development, strengthening and improvement, has become a project trading platform integrating “training-selection-support-business negotiation-international promotion” with the core of finding out outstanding creators and the basis of the incubation for projects featuring multiple types.

  In order to connect resources across the industry more specifically, from the ninth edition, the Beijing Film Market Project Pitches has set up WIP to serve the project, and achieved actual results while connecting the post-production and advertising & marketing. With the market demand deep in mind, it has invited senior industry buyers to form a Marketing Decision Group and presented Most Market Focus Award in addition to professional awards.

  The Project Pitches this year will strengthen the interaction with the industry. In addition to the necessary investment and financing and the introduction of production and development resources, it will make further efforts in services, support, and promotion of project cooperation transactions, and continuously accumulate creation strength and excellent projects for the industry.


  Industry Conversation—Deeply Digging Industry Value Views and New Knowledge

  The Industry Conversation at the Beijing Film Market integrates high-quality resources, make innovation in forms of activities and have in-depth discussion about all aspects of the film industry, striving to build an interactive communication platform for domestic and foreign film agencies and film industry professionals.

  The Industry Conversation of the 10th edition will have discussion about various aspects such as film investment and financing, artist agency, and young director support. The “Film Workshop” will, with a focus on professional content, invite top guests in the industry to provide first-hand industry consultation information in terms of copyright transactions, screenwriting methodologies, and overseas distribution for participants. The "BFM Academy Day" will invite major domestic film and television related professional institutions to provide a platform for film newcomers to grow and display, bringing new power to the industry, and providing free space for film newcomers to communicate.


  Events & Activities - Gathering Pioneering Power, Focusing on Hot Topics

  The ninth Beijing Film Market held 35 Events & Activities. In terms of content, they directly targeted industry hotspots with rich and diverse topics, including industry trends such as standardization of investment and financing and establishment of film and television risk control systems, as well as various topics such as centralized display of related projects under the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the development of online film and television, international film and television cooperation, cross-media integration, transformation of the film business model, and new film and television infrastructure.

  This Section, in addition to satisfying domestic and foreign film agencies and companies' needs for their own brand, business and project promotion, actively integrated industry resources and provided diversified solutions including project roadshows, corporate releases, and salon events, creating a platform for market development and in-depth cooperation of various companies. It attracted well-known companies and institutions from many industries and broadened the industry observation horizon by discussing numerous topics across the immense market.

  The Section this year will provide users with customized services, accurately deliver the content of the event to targeted audience on proper media and carry out early publicity for high-quality events through official channels. Events & Activities will vigorously promote the organization of the cocktail parties and buffet parties for industry insiders to communicate so as to promote market transactions, in addition to abundant forum activities during the day. Besides, it will offer more choices related to activity venues and comfortable VIP lounges. Event organizer can be free to choose the time and venue area according to budget, audience size, event type and schedule.


  Contract Signing Ceremony - New Projects, New Cooperation, New Opportunities

  The amount of contracts signed at the Beijing Film Market has maintained a steady increase over the years. So far, a total of 281 projects have been negotiated and signed, totaling 131.939 billion yuan. The amount of the 9th edition reached 30.928 billion yuan, marking that the contracted amount tripled from 10 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan in just three years. During the Contract Signing Ceremony, the BJIFF and 27 key film and television companies reached important strategic cooperation contracts, which further cemented the position of the BJIFF as the “Oriental Trading Center for the Global Film Industry”. The Contract Signing Ceremony this year will provide a platform for the communication and display of the cross-industry cooperation and resource integration in the film industry.

  The Beijing Film Market of the 10th BJIFF will fully integrate the high-quality resources of the whole domestic and international film industry chain, strengthen international cooperation, and make new contributions to the construction of a national cultural center, the development of Chinese films, the international presence of Chinese culture and the exchange and cooperation of world culture.

  Exhibitor registration: December 2, 2019-March 22, 2020 (Preferential prices available for registration before February 16)

  Guest / Buyer registration: December 2, 2019-March 22, 2020 (Preferential prices available for registration before February 16)

  Project Pitches registration: December 2, 2019-March 2, 2020

  WIP registration: December 2, 2019-March 9, 2020

  Events & Activities registration: December 2, 2019 (Preferential prices available for registration before February 16)

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