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Call for the 10th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market Project Pitches Opened

  The application for the 10th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market Project Pitches was officially open on December 2, 2019. The calls for the Pitching Project and WIP categories will close on March 2 and March 9, 2020, respectively. The public pitching, awards ceremony and negotiation activities for the Pitching Project category at the Beijing Film Market will be held at the Beijing International Hotel (Conference Center) from April 21 to 24, 2020.

  Project Pitches serves as an incubator created for young filmmakers and quality projects with market potential at the Beijing Film Market. It focuses on providing a project transaction market that integrates “training-selection-supporting-negotiation-incubation-tracking-display”. Project selection, professional training, award incentives, international exchanges, and resource services are harnessed to tap qualified personnel and reserve projects for the market.

  Since its founding in 2012, the Beijing International Film Festival Project Pitches is targeted at discovering genre films with Chinese language characteristics, and witnessing the process of diversified genre projects from the idea to a finished film and eventually appearing in the public view. Through the Project Pitches platform, Nearly 200 projects express their creativity, show their style, and develop closer communication and cooperation with the industry insiders – an important process for creators to examine creation and understand industry trends before the projects enter the market.

  For over the past 8 years, the Beijing International Film Festival Project Pitches, which has undergone continuous improvement, optimization and innovation, has been adopting a fair, just and open review system. Based on the project needs at different stages, the Pitching Project and WIP categories have been established to help connect with industrial resources on a broader basis, provide services including exhibition, supporting, awards, and international exchanges, and continue to support the cultivation of new filmmakers and new works.

  Pitching Project Category | It is believed that good stories will shine everywhere

  The script is the soul of a film and the foundation of a project. The call for the Pitching Project category is targeted at Chinese language film projects that are at the script stage yet have not started being shot and require market financing. The application for the Pitching Project category requires the creator to offer a complete script based on story ideas. After the preliminary review, second-round selection and final-round judges conducted by the professional jury on the qualified projects, 10 projects will be shortlisted for the final pitching to compete for the four Project Pitches awards. The top 20 projects will have the opportunity to negotiate with prospective investors one on one

  WIP Category | Project challenges go to the industry for solutions

  For the difficulties encountered by young creators in project production, the WIP category was established at the Beijing International Film Festival Project Projects in 2019, in a bid to effectively help project connection and financing, post-production, and promotion and distribution of resources. The category is open to the Chinese language films that have started being shot but still need financing or production resources, providing industrial resource connection services and promotion support at the BJIFF. Based on project script, this category will provide a comprehensive inspection of production teams and image expression, with 6 outstanding projected shortlisted into the final pitching and negotiation sessions. In addition, two awards will be set to encourage project development.

  The projects participating in the Pitching Project and WIP categories will compete for the Most Market Focus Award selected by the Marketing Decision Group.

  Strengthen resource integration and industry interaction through Project Pitches as the starting point

  At the 10th Beijing International Film Festival Project Pitches, the interaction between the project and industry will be strengthened in all areas including market resources, professional training, international cooperation, and promotion through the BJIFF. Alongside the project selection system, the Project Pitches attaches importance to the acquisition and experience of participants. It will invite industry experts to provide professional training on the shortlisted projects, ranging from creation to production, from financing strategies to pitching skills, so as to bring practical and effective assistance to the project participants. During the BJIFF, the Beijing Film Market Department will organize an industry dialogue session for young directors on a yearly basis, focusing on their stories of growth after participating the Project Pitches and their experience and perception of participating in the WIP category for the first time. At the same time, young filmmakers will be invited to walk the red carpet for the BJIFF with their projects, and participate in the Forward Future section and other activities. Taking the Project Pitches as a starting point, the BJIFF expects to see more outstanding filmmakers. It will go into its 10th year and hope to take them to further.

  Project Pitches Application:

  Pitching Project Category: December 2, 2019 through March 2, 2020

  WIP Category: December 2, 2019 through March 9, 2020

  For the detailed general principles of Project Pitches application, visit the official website:http://system.bjiff.com/market/loginController.do?entranceJsp&type=ct

  For the registration page on the official website of the BJIFF, please refer to the following picture:

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