Beijing Film Market Exhibition Welcomes You in Spring

  The Beijing Film Market of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) will be held at the Conference Center, Beijing International Hotel from April 21 to 24, 2020. The online application channel for the exhibition opened on December 2, 2019.

  Since its inception in 2011, BJIFF now welcomes the last year of its first decade and marches towards the 2020s. In this spring, Beijing Film Market will deliver more subdivided, professional and international content to people in the film industry.

  As the most active film trading market in Asia, the 9th Beijing Film Market witnessed the turnover of signed contracts cross the mark of 30 billion yuan to be 30.9028 billion yuan. A total of 202 domestic and foreign exhibitors, covering such fields as film & television investment and financing, production, post-production technology, publicity and marketing, distribution and screening, legal services and derivative developments, registered for the business attraction exhibition - the most attractive section of BJIFF. Specifically, 40,000 visitors were attracted by the International Film Trading Area, where a multitude of exhibitors from various countries such as France, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Mongolia, Italy, Japan, the United States, Malaysia, South Korea showed up.

  “Optimized Exhibition Area with New Layout”

  As of December 1, China has grosses 59 billion yuan at the box office, which is surely to surpass the 60.9-billion total box office revenue in 2019. Blockbusters like The Wandering Earth, My People, My Country, Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child and Better Days gained success both in reputation and box office, which is a testament to the improvement of audience's taste in films. That progress would be impossible without the prosperity of the film market. The 10th BJIFF will feature a re-planned exhibition area: all booths will be set up on the 3rd floor of the Conference Center of Beijing International Hotel. As a result, the interior area planning will be clearer with Events & Activities at F1, Project Pitches and Roadshow & Negotiation at F2 and in-depth discussion area at F3.

  “Big Names with Selected and Integrated Resources”

  In addition, the exhibition this year will see strengthened international cooperation, with invitations to national film associations and film & television organizations as representatives to set up National Film Commission Exhibition Area to promote high-quality films, film & television subsidy policies and high-quality exterior resources from their countries and regions. Major domestic film & television enterprises will also be invited to set up booth to support the development of China’s film industry. At the same time, the qualifications and strength of participating corporations will be further reviewed so as to ensure the quality of exhibitors while services will be offered in accordance with the needs, such as negotiating appointments, screening / event organization & participation, and provision of promotional resources.

  “Market Screenings for New Films”

  Although domestic films dominate the market, excellent overseas films like Avengers: Endgame, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and Spider-Man: Far from Home also saw great success in box office. In particular, Avengers: Endgame earned a total of 4.24 billion yuan at box office, ranking the 3rd place this year. The Beijing Film Market of the 10th BJIFF will see more efforts put in the “Film Copyright Transaction Platform”. Coupled with the newly built Market Screenings Section, the Beijing Film Market will create a communication space for domestic and foreign film & television resource cooperation by various ways such as high-quality, private film viewing sessions, where high-quality company representatives will be invited based on their needs, bringing comprehensively upgraded services to both exhibitors and guests.

  Light and shadow of a decade marks the development of BJIFF. The 10th Beijing Film Market will be bound to provide a richer, more professional, and more open film trading platform for outstanding film exhibitors from all over the world. In April 2020, best films will make their debut at the best exhibition in Beijing. We welcome you to meet the warm spring together.

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