Please Draw a More Beautiful Poster for Beijing International Film Festival

  The Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival has officially launched the "Poster Collection for the 10th Beijing International Film Festival". From now until February 15, 2020, people from all walks of life and professional institutions can register and submit creative works through the official website of BJIFF. After evaluation and assessment, this activity will see a selection of 6 outstanding works, which will be awarded certificates of honor and generous bonus.

  After ten years since its inception, the Beijing International Film Festival has come to a historic milestone. Based on the current situation, it pools resources and strengthens advantages, while gathering excellent film talents at home and abroad to complement each other. Building a film exchange platform, BJIFF helps usher the Chinese films into a better future. The poster works of the 10th BJIFF shall convey a strong film cultural atmosphere or feature a delicate incorporation of film elements. Combining the theme of the 10th anniversary of the BJIFF, the design of the poster works shall display the "international standards, Chinese characteristics and Beijing style".

  After the registration closes, the Poster Evaluation Jury of BJIFF shall conduct three rounds of selection, evaluation and assessment, and announce the final winners in March. Specifically, there is one first-prize winner, with an award of 30,000 yuan; two second-prize winners, each with a bonus of 20,000 yuan; three third-prize winners, each with a bonus of 10,000 yuan. When the results are announced, the Organizing Committee will sign a copyright agreement with the winners.

  For specific requirements and related information, please visit the poster collection website of BJIFF: The BJIFF stories over a span of ten years will have new chapters. Come to Beijing and see the best film of the world.


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