Inexhaustible Vitality of Market Transformation! Invitation to Projects from the Signing Ceremony of BJIFF 2020

  Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), an annual international film event, gathers together the masters, the mass, and the market every spring to experience the light and shadow of films, enjoy the charm of art and look forward to the future.

  The signing ceremony is a highly anticipated achievement sharing section of the Beijing Film Market. Every year, it witnesses the signing and release of a bunch of major cooperation projects. Thanks to brand-new cooperation in new projects, new technologies and new markets, the Beijing Film Market integrates industrial resources and promotes the organic development of the market.

  This year’s signing ceremony of the Beijing Film Market will kick off at the Beijing International Hotel on April 24. Now, we are sending sincere invitations to the upstream and downstream companies in the film industry chain as well as Chinese and foreign film and television institutions, and welcome major cooperation projects in such fields as film project approval, financial services, theater construction, and technical support to participate in the Beijing Film Market for display and signing.

  The Beijing Film Market will provide a free signing platform for projects, and issue an honor certificate named “Major Signed Project”. Companies that have participated in the signing ceremony for 2 or more times will automatically become a member of the Beijing Film Market and is entitled to enjoy its exclusive rights.

  A Film Market with Progress and Vitality

  2010-2019 marks the rapid development of the Chinese film market as shown by the record annual box office revenue every year and ever-growing market scale. In 2010, the film industry garnered 10.2 billion yuan at box office in the mainland. 9 years later, it yielded 64.266 billion yuan, an increase of more than sixfold. Along with the vigorous development of Chinese film market, BJIFF has contributed to the negotiation and cooperation of 281 major projects, totaling 131.939 billion yuan. The number of moviegoers increases year by year, films with theme innovations begin to gain success in both market and reputation, a multitude of new directors with new creation comes one after another and Chinese and foreign co-production project becomes the new normal in the market. All of these are firm testament to the vitality of the Beijing Film Market.

  Top in Screen Number for Terminal Layout| Building Market Foundation

  In 2019, 9,708 new screens were added to the film market in the mainland, bringing the total number to 69,787, which pushes China to the top in screen number. Cinema construction is an important foundation for the rapid development of the film market in the past decade. The signing ceremony of BJIFF has witnessed the acquisition of OSGH Cinemas by Dadi Cinema, the 100% share acquisition of 37 cinemas of CGV XINGXING by Poly Film and other major cooperation signing. The integration of resources for the construction of cinema terminals shapes a win-win situation for market cooperation.

  Top Priority to Creation | Strong Cooperation for Creating Characteristic Films

  The box office garnered by domestic films accounted for over 64% of the total in 2019, becoming the main driver for box office growth. Science fiction, animation, and reality-themed films continue to build up the momentum, together with the integration of content creation and industrial technology, thus achieving a success in both market and reputation. A number of film projects were signed and released at the signing ceremony of BJIFF. Among them, Wolf Totem, Dragon Blade, Duck Duck Goose, Sun Duck, Guilty of Mind, The Rookies and Eternal Wave have been screened. In addition, Daily Fantasy Guide and other projects are under production. It is worth mentioning that Fengshen Trilogy, a signing project at the 7th BJIFF, has been completed and is now under post-production, which aims to create China's "superhero" by Beijing Culture teamed up with Changshengtian Film. The first episode is expected to be released in the summer of 2020.

  World Vision| Close Cooperation between Chinese and Foreign Markets

  Chinese and foreign film and television companies have close relationship in the current open film market, which is evidenced by the Oscar-winning film Green Book supported by Chinese companies and The Whistleblower, a Sino-Australian co-production film. “Chinese companies go out and bring in outstanding projects” has become a new trend in the market. At the signing ceremony of the 9th BJIFF, Huaxia Film Distribution Company, together with Chuangshixing Pictures, reached a cooperation agreement with Kabir Khan Films based on India to jointly develop The Zookeeper. China Film Group Corporation decided to work with French AAA Group to produce The Legend of Jinling. xXx: Spin off and Five Against a Bullet will be co-produced by Sparkleroll Media and Hollywood film companies, which are under production now.

  Signing is a start of a project and also an important node of cooperation. Beijing Film Market of BJIFF will make full use of its platform resources to build a bridge for market cooperation and communication for the film industry under rapid development. The 10th BJIFF looks forward to witnessing more projects reach cooperation. At the important moment of project signing, we join hands and witness it together!

  Consultation Information for signing projects:

  Beijing Film Market Department +86 18500377391 18612326359

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