Exhibition and International Film Trading Programme of Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)
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  Q: How many types of booths are there at the 10th BJIFF?

  There are three types of booths, including 9sqm standard booth, 36sqm standard custom-built booth and irregular custom-built booth with a larger area.

  Q: How many types of companies will attend the 10th BJIFF?

  The Beijing Film Market plans to prioritize the applications from film production companies, copyright sales/agency companies and video websites. We will also pay special attention to film-related marketing companies, service companies and financial institutions.

  Q: Which featured exhibition areas are set at the Exhibition of the 10th BJIFF?

  Special Area for the National Film Commissions

  Against the backdrop of “Chinese films’ going global”, the domestic film market’s demand for seeking overseas partners is constantly growing, and the Sino-foreign production mode has become an irresistible trend. The Beijing Film Market will join hands with film commissions and film & TV companies to set up a Special Area for the National Film Commissions. It is designed to gather relevant film & TV resources, such as film & TV policies, superior shooting locations and excellent films, and build an international platform for the sharing of industrial resources in the Chinese film market.

  Special Area for Leading Film & TV Enterprises

  The Beijing Film Market will invite industry’s leading companies and overseas well-known video websites to constitute a Special Area for Leading Film & TV Enterprises. Film & TV tycoons at home and abroad will gather at this area to attract more attention with the best industrial resources.

  Q: Where is the venue for market screenings? What are the standards for film selection? How to register?

  The market screenings of the BJIFF will take place in the Beijing International Hotel, while the Beijing Film Market will offer dedicated projection halls and directional appointment services to participants. The list of films will be announced in April. There is no limit to film types for market screenings of the BJIFF, and all types of superior films are welcomed. Any company who has successfully registered of the Beijing Film Market can apply for market screenings, and the application form can be downloaded on MyPage of the Market website or secured by contacting us.

  Q: What contents are containe in the International Film Trading Programme? How to apply?

  Through the launch of the International Film Trading Programme, the Beijing Film Market will invite film & TV companies with rich experience in copyright transaction all over the world, aiming to strengthen the contacts between the foreign and Chinese film markets, thus introducing more excellent foreign language films and outputting more superior domestic films. The Beijing Film Market will combine the business negotiation mode with private market screenings, so that buyers and sellers can communicate with each other on film appreciation.

  Participants of the International Film Trading Programme are able to know about Beijing Film Market at a close distance by participating in the Exhibition and industry dialogue and joining international project pitches to develop overseas IP projects in partnership with Chinese enterprises, thus promoting the cooperation from the front end of the industrial process. Market screenings will be also open to project participants. International buyers and sellers can make an appointment for screenings in the Beijing Film Market, watch films, and receive the list of films for market screenings this time. Besides, the Beijing Film Market will also provide opportunities for the recommendation of participants by organizing road shows, enterprise releases and salons via the BJIFF platform.

  Exhibitor registration: filmmarket@bjiff.com.

  Please refer to the following instruction to correctly find the channel for exhibitor registration of the Exhibition on the official website.

  First of all, log on to the homepage of the 10th BJIFF official website:http://www.bjiff.com

  Click “Market Channel” in the menu below the publicity image of the homepage

  Click “Exhibitor Application” or “Attendee/Buyer Application” on a new window

  Take Exhibitor Application for example, please read the “General Principles of Exhibitor Application”, check the Statement at the bottom of the page, and click “Next” for account registration.

  Register an exhibitor/guest login account

  Notes: 1. When registering, please make sure you’re logging in to the “Exhibitor Application or Attendee/Buyer Application” page.

  2. The accounts registered via “Exhibitor Application or Attendee/Buyer Application” cannot be shared with other accounts. If you want to set up a booth and register as a guest/buyer, you need to respectively apply with two mail boxes.

  After login, you will enter the page of “Exhibition Application”. Fill in the project information as required, and submit your information to complete the registration.

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