BJIFF, the Gathering of Best Films, Expecting You in this Beautiful Spring

  The Out-of-Competition Section of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) will take place from April 17 to 27, 2020. The entry is now available at the official website. Please visit for more details and registration.

  We are here as usual in the new year.

  Yes, as you might expect, every time the account shows up, the Out-of-Competition Section of the BJIFF in the new year is already well underway.


  At the just end of the carnival to the millennium, we are entering the second decade of the 21st century. With a decade as a circle, the 10-year old BJIFF ushers in a new start in 2020.

  How to make a perfect conclusion to the past decade and write another glory for the next with a new look? The 10th BJIFF is confident to give you the answer.


  Facing great anticipation and challenges, still we exude joy before the curtain of light and shadow, looking forward to making new friends from afar and returning to a dazzlingly starry moment of film history. That is another parallel universe comparing to the urban life featuring a fast pace and eye-catching neon lights. It is also a grand carnival for the fans.


  Diversity, inclusiveness, openness and integration of time, place and language have always been the meanings of the Out-of-Competition Section.

  At the Out-of-Competition Section in 2019, the special theme “Akira Kurosawa” was specially designed to commemorate the Japanese filmmaker, creating a wonderful encounter between ancient and modern masters of the West and East. For the Carnival “Blockbusters”, hit series like “Mad Max” and “The Bourne Identity” hit the screen, leading to the adrenaline rush for the audience. “2001: A Space Odyssey”, a 4K restored classic work, registered a new record as tickets were sold out in five seconds. Numbers may not represent so much but it reflects the unstinting enthusiasm hovering over the city this spring.


  The huge curtain of a new era is now open, while a great many fresh stories are being told on this vast land. Entering the tenth year of the BJIFF, we are increasingly aware of the tremendous energy generated by the powerful young filmmakers.

  With new talent, new works, and a new atmosphere, we will allow for the presentation of each kind of narrative and will enable each expression to receive the greater echo from the world by means of exploration, appreciation, communication, and discussion.


  This spring, welcome to Beijing to enjoy the best films of the world!

  The official website of BJIFF has made available the registration system, while the Out-of-Competition Section, Forward Future Section, Science and Technology Section and Virtual Reality Section are witnessing the sign-up.

  With your participation, the BJIFF in 2020 will be more brilliant this spring!

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  The 10th Beijing International Film Festival will take place in Beijing in April 2020, during which the Out-of-Competition Section will be hosted from April 17 to 27, 2020.

  The Out-of-Competition Section gathers together the classics and latest masterpieces around the world, which will be screened in cinemas, film institutions and universities. The sub-sections include Special Exhibition, Restored Classics, Salute to Masters, Premieres, Big Shots, Global Vision, Documentary Images and Animations among many sectors. Striving to invite filmmakers worldwide and industry guests to the magnificent screening events, the Out-of-Competition Section builds an exchange platform between the filmmakers and audience. To encourage the production of Chinese films and the participation of audience, Audience's Choice Award will be launched in 2020, and the Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony of the 10th BJIFF will see the awarding of the certificate. 

  The Forward Future Section is designed to find new filmmakers, capture the trends worldwide, encourage the original creativity and display the rich and diversified cultural meaning of the film art. Awards including Most Attractive Film, Most Attractive Director and Most Attractive Screenwriter will be presented at the Closing & Awards Ceremony.

  Based on the screenings of films featuring special effects, such as fulldome, Giant Screen, and 4D experiences, the Science and Technology Section is a comprehensive activity involving film screenings, science popularization, masterpiece appraisal and selection as well as industry exchanges. 

  The Virtual Reality Section aims to promote the development of virtual reality (VR) films at home and abroad, find talents, explore the immersive experience and focus on the latest technology and future trends. Screenings will be conducted revolving around VR films, 3D and interactive VR as well as VR devices.

  The Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival is responsible for inviting and selecting films for the Out-of-Competition Section, Forward Future Section, Science and Technology Section and Virtual Reality Section. Films to be submitted for each section are supposed to meet the following requirements:

  Out-of-Competition Section

  •Feature films of no less than 70 minutes, animated films of no less than 60 minutes, and documentaries of no less than 60 minutes.

  •Except for some special panorama, feature films and animations should be produced after January 1, 2018, while documentaries should be produced after January 1, 2019.

  •Film specifications: photographic films – 35mm, digital films – DCP.

  Forward Future Section 

  •Feature films produced after January 1, 2019;

  •No less than 70 minutes;

  •35mm photographic films or DCP digital films;

  •The director's first or second feature film;

  Science and Technology Section 

  •Featuring contents to promote the scientific spirits, disseminate scientific knowledge, spread scientific thinking, and advocate the scientific methods, films of the section should be themed on inspiring the public to explore science and developing their scientific spirits concerning the aerospace, artificial intelligence, space exploration, humanity history, natural environment, marine exploration, prehistoric exploration, animal and plant protection, science fiction and so on.

  The running time of the 3D Giant-Screen movies should range from 30 to 45 minutes, with the digital movie in DCP format and the sound in WAV format. For specifications, photographic films feature 15 fps and 70 mm, with the sound in WAV format.

  The running time of a digital dome film should stay within 20 to 40 minutes. For specifications, it should be made in the PNG format of fulldome sequence frames (resolution of no less than 4K) or 20-channel MKV-format video files with 5.1-channel WAV sound files. The photographic films should run from 30 to 45 minutes, feature 15 fps and 70 mm, with the sound in WAV format.

  •A 4D film should run from 10 to 20 minutes in DCP format. Based on the 3D movies, it should feature vibration, fog, rain, snow, wind, lightning, smell, and bubbles among others special effects.

  Virtual Reality Section 

  •No limit to the length of films;

  •Produced after January 1, 2019;

  •The films should feature 360 videos, interactive VR experience and VR experience supported by VR devices in large space. For other types of experience, please contact the person in charge of the Virtual Reality Section.

  •The supporting devices include Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, HTC Focus, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, SONY Playstation, various WMR, AR, MR devices; For other formats or devices, please contact the person in charge of the Virtual Reality Section.

  Please visit the official website of the BJIFF - for registration and submission of the entry form for the 10th BJIFF online.

  Please mail the film sample, entry form, copy and other related materials to the 10th BJIFF to the following address:

  Address: Organizing Committee Office of the Beijing International Film Festival, Room 407, Press and Publication Building, 55A Chaonei Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

  Postal Code:100010

  Tel: +86-10-64081879

  Fax: +86-10-64081933

  Commitment of the Organizing Committee Office of the Beijing International Film Festival:

  The submitted film samples are only used for selection and screening among other sections.

  Out-of-Competition Section:


  Forward Future Section:


  Science and Technology Section:


  Virtual Reality Section:



  BJIFF, the Gathering of Best Films, Expecting You in this Beautiful Spring


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