Memories of Tiantan Award | Story Behind the Legendary Goalkeeper


  Here are the memories of Tiantan Award. Today, let’s get back to a unique legendary experience of the football superstar. That is The Keeper, a shortlisted film of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival Tiantan Award. The director of the film, Marcus H. Rosenmüller from Germany, will tell us the story behind The Keeper.

  The Keeper is a film about forgiveness, endeavor, and love. Against the background of Britain after World War II, it tells how a German prisoner of war in Britain steps onto the stage of British football world and becomes a legendary goalkeeper of Manchester City. The film skillfully integrates war and peace, individual and family, anger and tolerance into the plot, taking the protagonist Trautmann's football career as the main line to present his inspirational story of success after endeavor, overcoming difficulties and obtaining forgiveness.

  Trautmann in the film also represents the knight of Prussia in the old era. He must win the respect of the British people and heal his wartime trauma. He is both a bridge between the two countries and a superhero who overcomes himself.

  Director’s exciting body movement and gesture on the stage is a firm testament to his love for this story. In order to perfectly restore history and best present the story, Marcus organized a multinational team. The leading actor is David Kross, who played The Reader with Kate Winslet. The leading actress is Freya Mavor, who starred in episodes such as Skins and Twice Upon a Time. The supporting actors include Harry Melling, who appeared in the Harry Potter film series as Dudley, the cousin of Harry Potter, and John Henshaw, who finally won the Best Supporting Actor at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival.

  The filming locations in Germany and the UK were selected. In order to restore history, the crew even used City of Manchester Stadium and Umberley Stadium for shooting.

  The various efforts made by the film to present the story of the historical figure are just like those made by the protagonist Trautmann during his football career in the UK. Through football, the people's hatred for war and the country is eliminated, and the people of the two countries come together slowly. Marcus also hopes to use this film to tell everyone that even though European countries seem to have a lukewarm relationship today, their close connection is still evident by The Keeper.

  Sports films are rarely shortlisted in international film festivals. But such a film did so at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, which is a fully demonstration of Tiantan Award’s concept of “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity” and is in line with the concept of inclusiveness embodied in The Keeper.

  The Keeper is now available in APP . Click on the "Read Original" to complete the registration for watching The Keeper.

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