Review•Prospect丨China-India Film Co-Production Dialogue Empowers Chinese and Indian Film Industries


  All editions of the Beijing International Film Festival held distinctive theme forums, focusing on forefront issues of the era and discussing the opportunities and potential of the film industry so as to jointly promote the cooperation and development of the Chinese and foreign film industries.

  In 2019, the number of the theme forums at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival was increased from 4 to 6, which further enriched the content of the forums and expanded the targeted audience.

  China-India Film Co-Production Dialogue attracted wide attention due to the participation of Shahrukh Khan, a famous Indian actor who is hailed as the “King of Bollywood”, and Kabir Khan, a well-known director of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Big names from China also attended the forum, such as new director Wen Muye, who gained repute due to Dying to Survive, Zhou Maofei, the Secretary of the Party Committee of and the Chairman of the Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd , Miao Xiaotian, the General Manager of the China Film Co-production Corporation and Yu Qiuyang, a doctor of the School of Theater, Film and Television, Communication University of China.

  At the forum, Chinese and Indian filmmakers shared their experience of producing excellent works, discussed the development prospect of the Chinese and Indian Film industries, and highlighted the huge potential hidden in China-India film co-productions.

  Both China and India are countries of ancient civilization, boasting a long history of cultural exchanges. As Zhou Maofei, the Chairman of Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd, stated at the forum, "China-India film cooperation has a strong foundation and immense advantages in many aspects."

  Shahrukh Khan agreed, "Although our languages are different, there are many similarities in our culture. We both have a rich historical and cultural tradition, which have been deeply rooted in our hearts since childhood. We should explore more content from it."

  International film production is one of the trends in the world. Co-produced films can not only pull the favorable resources of multiple countries together to form a complementary and mutually beneficial production, but also generate more innovative creative content under the integration of multiple cultures.

  With the good hope of win-win cooperation, China and India also reached a consensus at the Beijing International Film Festival last year to jointly produce The Zookeeper .

  As Tagore's poem goes, "The leaf becomes flower when it loves. The flower becomes fruit when it worships. "

  The cooperation between Chinese and Indian film industry embraces a bright and fruitful future.

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