Tiantan Award Time Machine | Only A Few Words away from Our Loved Ones


  Take the time machine to review Tiantan Award Section. Today’s Tiantan Award Time Machine will bring you to a tensed and warm story about a grandpa and his granddaughter. This is Happier Times, Grump, a shortlisted film of Tiantan Award at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. Today, director Tiina Lymi will share with us the original intention and experience of the film.

  Happier Times, Grump tells about the funny daily life between a grandpa and his granddaughter. Being asocial and grumpy, this old man has a bad relationship with his son for a long time. After losing his beloved wife, he finds nothing left to live for. Therefore, he wants to leave the world and starts to make his coffin on his own. His granddaughter, Sofia is pregnant before marriage and always in trouble. So she asks her grandpa to solve her problems every day. For this reason, his plan for death is interrupted. And during the process, their relationship, which is originally tensed, becomes sound and warm. Meanwhile, they also gradually change their life attitudes. At the end, the grandpa is reconciled with his loved ones and finds the meaning of life from the newborn, thus bidding farewell to his dull life.

  The grandpa, with indifferent appearance but warm heart, is one of the biggest highlights of the film. The performer Heikki Kinnunen is a national-treasure-level actor in Finland. Since 1965, he has participated in more than 100 film and television works with superb acting skills and excellent presentation of figure emotion. In this film, the bad-tempered grandfather always wears a grumpy face, pretending to get rid of anyone. But in fact, he is a warm-hearted man. The contrast makes the figure both cute and interesting. When he faces his mischievous granddaughter, he fails to be stubborn and smileless. Gradually, smile unfolds on his face and warmth exudes from his eyes.


  From being alone to returning home, from self-closing to releasing love, from welcoming death to choosing to continue life, the old man has also completed the identity change from a lonely old man to a kind elder after getting along with his grandchild.

  The bond of blood is really amazing, which may full of support, wrangle or tension at different times. But it still provides an emotional dependence for one’s long life. The director of the film said, "As long as you are still alive, it will never be too late, you still have a chance to reach someone you think you will lose forever." Sometimes, a phone call, a greeting, and a postcard are enough to bring your relationship with loved ones close and intimate.

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