9th BJIFF Project Pitches Winner Myna Bird Has Wrapped Filming

  Setting itself apart from the other 734 projects applying for the Project Pitches Award of 9th Beijing International Film Festival, Myna Bird won the Project with Greatest Commercial Potential Award. Highly acclaimed by the jury, Myna Bird discloses the complicated and confusing truths behind a seemingly ordinary robbery and murder. Replete with theatrical tension, the story boasts a unique and ingenious structure, displaying strong emotions. Hence, it is a crime movie with great commercial potential.

  With Tao Hong being the producer, Xu Wei and He Wenchao the directors, with Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong and Huang Jue heading the cast, the suspenseful crime movie Myna Bird finished shooting on June 4, 2020, with Tu Songyan and Fan Deng being the guest stars, and Su Xin, Huang Mengying and Zhang Haiyu being the co-stars. The movie now has entered the post-production session.

  Myna Bird is a story as follows. On a remote costal road, a call girl of a karaoke hall was strangled to death inside a car, and policemen launched an investigation. The seemingly common robbery and murder conceal a meticulously plotted conspiracy. The battle of wits unfurls out of control, with the truth on the horizon, while the plotter has no alternative but to go down a road with no return…

  Having graduated from the Department of Cinematography of Beijing Film Academy, the young director Xu Wei directed Lost in White. Concerning his new picture, Xu Wei attempts to tell a bizarre case, or a crime story, to display people’s doubt about the realities, uncertainty over the future, anxiety about the survival, while seeking the truth against the moving emotional ties.

  In 2020, people greet each other with concerns about when to start the project. It’s been a year since the Project Pitches of 9th Beijing International Film Festival took place. The news that Myna Bird has wrapped filming is gratifying during this special period. We believe each and every finished picture provides impetus driving the young filmmakers to persist and keep forging ahead.

  The Project Pitches of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival is going through application and selection, while the results are expected to be released one by one in July. It is anticipated that good stories can be available to the audience soon.

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