90 Heavyweights Sharing Opinions, Forum Results Leading the Industry Forward
  10 theme forums have involved 90 heavyweights in the industry... Focusing on the key elements of the current development of the film industry, the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) highlighted the guiding role of topics and invited industry leaders, famous film stars, experts and scholars to deliver keynote speeches and discuss the development of the film industry, and thereby achieved remarkable results and inspired the industry.
  During the “Decade-long Devotion to Films — BJIFF 10th Anniversary Forum”, Chen Sicheng said that “As a filmmaker, we should think about what changes will be brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to humankind”, while Lu Chuan hoped to “incorporate his inner feelings into his productions”. It could be noted that Chinese filmmakers are not afraid of difficulties and they cherish the time. Obviously, the 10th BJIFF and the filmmaking industry across the board stick to the firm belief that they should make innovation and transformation, while standing in solidarity.
  At the Sino-Foreign Film Co-Production Forum & Film Pitch, Liu Chun, General Manager of China Film Co-production Corporation, shared his thoughts: “Chinese films have come to the stage at which self-change and self-improvement are required”. According to him, China has signed inter-governmental film co-production agreements with 22 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Russia, New Zealand, Japan and India. From 2000 to the end of 2019, 244 Sino-foreign co-productions were completed and released, and there were 49 co-productions garnering over 100 million yuan at box office in Chinese mainland. As a result, cooperation between China and other countries have been deepening.
  At the “Arthouse Film Forum — Cross the Borders”, the Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas held the theme release and launch ceremony of the “Reignition of Light of Art: National Screening Program for Excellent Chinese Arthouse Films”.
  “Summit on the Beauty of Film” revolved around the theme "Opportunities and Challenges to the Film Industry". Rob Minkoff, director of The Lion King, said that “The BJIFF offers a great opportunity to make the acquaintance of new friends and meet old friends again. No epidemic or other difficulties can hinder our sincere friendship and common humanity.”
  At the “Development and Reform of Film in the Era of 5G”, the guests agreed that in the 5G era, filmmakers must take a deep dive into the new demand of the film industry at home and abroad for film technology during its development, as well as the application experience of emerging audio-visual technology and new generation of information technology and intelligent science and technology in the film industry, so as to facilitate the high-quality development of Chinese films in the new era, and allow 5G to power China’s transformation from a large film country into a film power.
  Revolving around the themes of Exploring the Commercialization of Mainstream Films and Genre Trends of Chinese Films in the New Era, Chinese Film Industry Summit witnessed the corresponding communications and discussions, thus contributing to the creation and innovation of mainstream films and the development of films of various genres.
  Deeply integrating with Beijing College Student Film Festival, two sessions of International Academic Forum on Cinematic Arts were hosted with the themes of “Cooperation and Innovation: A New Pattern of International Film and TV Education” and “Persistence and Innovation: A New Journey of Chinese Films in the New Era”, offering valuable and substantial views and opinions for exploring the new direction and path of film and TV education.
  Being one of the important forums of the 10th BJIFF, “Summit on the Development of Future Films” adopted the theme of “Integration of Big Screen and Streaming Media under Competitions”. The announcement that Lost in Russia would be streaming online was considered to kickstart "the first year of releasing films via streaming media in China". Xu Zheng, the director, said that "COVID-19 is a special situation unseen in 100 years. Originally, I wished to let the audience see the film free of charge." Xu said that although the Internet enables films to have expansion and derivatives in an ecological manner, but going to the cinema is still a unique experience.
  "The theme forums of the 10th BJIFF highlight the cooperation and innovation, persistence and pioneering, boundary-breaking and fusion of Chinese films." As industry insiders said, from art aesthetics to technology, from the cooperation and communication to the venture capital, from the traditional exploration to the future vision, the 10 theme forums have not only witnessed expansion and exploration of topics, but become the observer and a bellwether of the film industry because of the unique professional and forward-looking perspectives, thus providing strong impetus for the innovative upgrading and booming development of the film industry. It also vividly demonstrates how the BJIFF performed its obligations in a responsible manner.
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