10th BJIFF Becomes the Favorite of Media
  The eight-day 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) was successfully concluded on August 29. The annual film festival attracts wide coverage by media at home and abroad. In particular, despite that the COVID-19 outbreak is not over yet, the successful organization of this edition not only signifies how the film industry weathers the storm and forges ahead, but also inspires the global film community to remain wise, brave, resolved and resilient. Such significance went viral on media and various platforms, and received huge acclaim from inside and outside the film industry. Features were published to follow up the festival, its innovative combination of online and offline formats, and how the BJIFF managed to enhance its brand and industry value as well as social influence via the Online BJIFF.
  A total of 406 media outlets were registered at the edition, and they attended 61 exclusive and 10 inclusive interviews of filmmaking professionals such as Yan Bingyan, Chen Sicheng, Yu Dong, and Stanley Tong; during the festival, more than 700 media outlets and platforms reported or forwarded information about the BJIFF on average every day, and the total hits online exceeded 10 billion; the festival became trending topics on the Internet for 23 times, the views of related topics exceeded 5 billion, and the number of related searches on Baidu hit over 9 million.
  The 10th edition furthered its cooperation with mainstream media, key websites and KOL with over 10 billion impressions. More than 100 media outlets and platforms such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, China Media Group, China Movie Channel (CCTV6), China Daily, China Youth Daily, China Film News, Beijing Daily, Beijing Radio & Television Station, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Youth Daily, The Beijing News, and Beijing Business Today followed up and covered the festival. And feature sections were set up on 24 key platforms such as Xuexi.cn, Xinhuanet, CCTV News, yangshipin.cn, cctv.com, cnr.cn, cri.cn, Chinanews.com, TikTok, Toutiao and Zhihu.com to facilitate its in-depth dissemination.
  During the festival, mainstream media outlets spoke highly of the delivery of the BJIFF. As People’s Daily wrote, “Where there is BJIFF, there is the most stunning spring”; as Beijing Daily op-ed indicated, “The significant BJIFF kept its ten years’ promise. It meant a lot for boosting the confidence of the film industry, and infused vitality into the China and international cultural markets”; major news programs of China Media Group, such as the Xinwen Lianbo, Focus Report, China News, Oriental Horizon, and Top Cultural Report broadcasted news such as the BJIFF Facilitates Recovery of the Film Industry, and BJIFF Receives Record High Number of Entries for Project Pitches; China Movie Channel (CCTV6) followed up its hot topics and highlights, produced a series of reports and exclusive interviews, and launched a seven-hour multimedia live broadcast of the festival, which attracted 62.525 million views, and 240 million views of its topics on Sina Weibo. Major programs of the Beijing Radio & Television Station delivered in-depth coverage of BJIFF’s Launch Ceremony, feature programs, forums, Signing Ceremony and other key events and activities; multimedia centers in the districts and counties of Beijing broadcasted two feature programs; mainstream media outlets extended the reach of voices on the site, witty comments, and first-hand information.
  By August 30, the topic #BJIFF# attracted more than 5 billion views on Sina Weibo, and over 500 million views on TikTok. Other related trending topics on Sina Weibo, such as #10-year Rendezvous with BJIFF#, “Online Cinema”, “Fight as One by Cai Xukun”, “List of BJIFF Online Screened Films” drew more than 10 billion hits. The “Online Cinema” clocking in campaign co-launched by the BJIFF and Weibo Film attracted 560 million views, reached 200 million users, and drew more than 500,000 engagements. In total, users in over 100 cities joined in watching the list of BJIFF screened films. During the warm-up of the 10th BJIFF, a “100 Filmmakers Support BJIFF” event mobilized more than 100 filmmakers to record videos in honor of BJIFF’s 10th anniversary; “BJIFF Short Video Contest” received 6,000 entries, and views of related topics totaled approx. 300 million.
  During the warm-up, the 10th BJIFF strengthened publicity online and offline. It’s main promotional film was played at the advertising primetime of the Xinwen Lianbo for two days, reaching 36 million viewers; advertising in the Moments of WeChat covered more than 5 million users active in film-related content; during the BJIFF, a 100 major apps such as yangshipin.cn, TikTok and Toutiao featured the landing page of the BJIFF while banners were placed on more than 50 Apps such as xuexi.cn, iQIYI, and ixigua.com for further publicity. As for offline publicity, over 10,000 advertising flags were hung over trunk roads in the second, third and fourth rings of the city proper of Beijing; warm-up commercials were played on the mobile TVs on buses, public screens, public TVs, subway tunnels and BGCTV network; 700 Suning stores played BJIFF’s promotional film and posters during the festival. In short, precise targeted advertising were delivered and penetrated the last mile of people’s life.
  Pursue and realize a decade-long dream. With concerted publicity of all the media outlets, BJIFF’s reach was hugely enhanced and extended. China film industry’s resolve to persevere and forge ahead was disseminated to the world via various platforms, which offered strong public opinion support for better recovery and growth of the global film industry. “To enjoy the world's best movies in Beijing” is a timeless love letter, promise and commitment of the BJIFF to global film fans. Thank you all for extending the reach of the BJIFF; thank you all for rendering the illumination of films even brighter; and thank you for seeding this clearer film dream in the bottom of people’s heart.
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