A Warm Gift in Winter, BJIFF Winter Special Screening is Coming!
  As time slips away, the year of 2020 is about to leave. At a time when everyone is welcoming the next spring, the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) comes with a special event - "BJIFF Winter Special Screening". It consists of three screening activities - Japanese Film Screening, Police Story Trilogy Series, Work Exhibition of New Wave Master Claude Chabrol. The special screening will be held from December 2020 to January 2021 at the China Film Archive Art Cinema, New Colourful Clouds Cinema and Shenying International Cinema, Xueyuannanlu.
  We hope that “Winter Special Screening” can be a warm end to the year of 2020, which has witnessed the gradual recovery of the cinema life finally, and open a new chapter in the year of 2021. Despite of cold winter in Beijing, as long as you loll back in the comfortable seat in the cinema, you can temporarily put aside all the weariness of the year and find the warmth and courage to move forward from the light and shadow dreams of the big screen.
  Japanese Film Week is a permanent section of the “Beijing Film Panorama” at the BJIFF. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the 10th edition failed to screen more Japanese spectacular films, which was a pity for film fans. However, the “Winter Special Screening” can make up for the regret with 4 outstanding and specially-selected Japanese films, bringing a surprise at the end of the year.
  To the Ends of the Earth2019

  As a co-produced film by Japan and Uzbekistan, the film by famous director Kiyoshi Kurosawa is quite interesting. Another translation version of the name “The end of the journey, the beginning of the world” can deliver the concept of the whole movie in a more direct way. The hostess played by Atsuko Maeda resolves a plethora of crises with professionalism after adapting to the shooting environment and going through the difficulties brought by her partners. Facing the exotic environment and professional plight, she swallows all grievance with a smile. All people in a new environment can have empathy with her solitude. Under the cultural estrangement and language barrier, the sense of strangeness and closeness overwhelms the audience but then disappears in the singing.
  Fictitious Girl's Diary2020
  It is an eponymous film of the popular comedy drama Fictitious Girl's Diary in 2017. The same cast and crew present the original spirit and interest: the screenwriter Bakarhythm who loves acting most, the beautiful girl Kaho who has dominated the Internet head image for many years, and the post-90s generation skilled actresses Ryo Sato and Mirai Shida. They create the office with which we are most familiar, where we pursue fashion, and complain about our boss and the confusing life. After watching it, you can't help extolling the film as an interesting and funny work. The screenwriter must have breathed down our neck all the time to create the film.
  Little Nights, Little Love2019
  It is a live action film adapted from the love novels of popular writer Kotaro Isaka, starring Miura Haruma and Mikako Tabe. This love film combines fate and love into a touching song with gentle Japanese encounters. In just one year after completion, the story seems to be even more regrettable. Fortunately, the camera has retained all warm moments. And his smile can still heal everyone in the cinema. I hope the big screen can remember him forever - Miura Haruma.
  Typhoon Family2019
  This film tells an absurd family story. Brothers and sisters discover a bigger secret due to the competition for inheritance. It is full of wonderful group plays and absurd and humorous scenes, with proper rhythm and conflict design. This film is also called the Japanese version of Death at a Funeral. The relationship between the two generations is gradually unmasked by the conflict of interest, while love and hate will be buried by time.
  The screening schedule of Police Story Trilogy Series and Work Exhibition of New Wave Master Claude Chabrol of the “Winter Special Screening” will be released later. Please look forward to it!

  Japanese Film Screening of the “BJIFF Winter Special Screening”
  Ticketing Time: 12:00, December 21, 2020 (sorry for inconvenience if there is any delay due to various platforms)
  Ticketing Platforms: Taopiaopiao, Maoyan           
  Cinema Address:          
  China Film Archive Art Cinema (Archive)          
  No.3 Wenhuiyuan Road, Haidian District              
  New Colourful Clouds Cinema (New Colourful Clouds)          
  1F, China Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio (Group), west side of Beitaipingqiao, Haidian District          
  Shenying International Cinema, Xueyuannanlu (Shenying)          
  3F, Wawo Life Square, No.50 Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District
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