Gathering Together at the Beijing Film Market Exhibition in Spring
  The online application channel for Beijing Film Market Exhibition was opened on December 8, 2020!
  The Beijing Film Market of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) will be held at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center from April 20 to 23, 2021. The Beijing Film Market Exhibition, a high-profile section, fully integrating the high-quality resources of the entire film industry chain at home and abroad, is an important carrier of the "Film Factor Transaction Platform" and "Film Copyright Transaction Platform" of the Beijing Film Market.
  In retrospect, apart from the European film markets held offline at the beginning of 2020, Cannes Film Market and Dong Kong International Film & TV Market were all held online. Although the covid-19 pandemic has hindered offline film markets, it is also an opportunity for the traditional film markets, which receive declining attention, to think about and explore new organization forms.
  The 10th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Exhibition, held online at the end of August, provided free booths for global film organizations and digital, intelligent and efficient communication and cooperation experiences for exhibitors and guests. More than 440 film and television companies actively participated in the 10th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Exhibition. Overseas exhibitors came from more than 20 countries and regions such as Germany, France, Iran, Israel and the Philippines, with 616 film and television projects on display.
  In order to fully meet the needs of exhibitors while considering the pandemic situation, the 11th Beijing Film Market Exhibition will adopt a new form featuring online and offline integration. The Exhibition will cover 3 floors of the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center for participants to have more in-depth exchanges. In addition to knowing the business scope and key projects of exhibitors participating in the 11th Beijing Film Market Exhibition in advance, the online Exhibition will also provide an online display and communication platform for exhibitors and guests who can not come to Beijing. Exhibitors participating in offline Exhibition can participate in online display for free.
  The 11th Beijing Film Market Exhibition will add a “Market Screenings” section, where "Antarctic Award" shortlisted films, WIP projects and excellent domestic/international new films can be screened for further cooperation. In addition, starting from the 11th edition, the Beijing Film Market will invite film and television companies from 2-3 Asian countries for in-depth participation in the market with the Exhibition as the entry point, introduce high-quality films, film and television subsidy policies and high-quality location resources of their respective countries and regions, and invite international buyers with procurement needs to watch the films.   
  The 11th Beijing Film Market will continue to be themed with “Display, Promotion, Transaction and Exchange”, actively understand and match the needs of participating companies and encourage them to work in a proactive manner. The Beijing Film Marketing Department will provide more market information and offer exhibitors better communication and trading space in line with the newly added "Market Screenings" section.
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  Exhibition for transaction, exchange for cooperation. The 11th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Exhibition is looking forward to your participation. Let's gather together again this spring.
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