The Science of Fictions, a film of Official Selection, Released Exclusively at Huangxi APP, Exploring A Possibility of Cheap Science Fiction Film
  Written and directed by Yosep Anggi Noen and starring Gunawan Maryanto and Ecky Lamoh, The Science of Fictions was exclusively released at Huangxi APP recently.
  The director weaved a "conspiracy theory of moon landing" combined with the real history and deconstructed it through the alternation of black and white and colorful images to figure out the historical truth.
  The film was selected into the Official Selection of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) and the Competition Section of the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival, winning the Special Mentions Award.
Tongue cut after witnessing falsehood
Silent resistance, a wonder in the world
  In 1969, American astronaut Armstrong took the lead in setting foot on the moon and took "a big step for mankind". It is widely known though, the conspiracy theory that the moon landing is a hoax is still prevalent. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the big step in 2019, the director combined the conspiracy theory and the real history with bold imagination to explore the connection of truth and falsehood as well as myth creation. The film metaphorizes Indonesia's political and historical process and displays the conflict between the individual and nation.
  In the film, the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union was in full swing, while Indonesia was enveloped by the shadow after colonial rule and military coup in 1960s. In a remote town, farmer Seaman accidentally witnessed the shooting scene of a fake video for moon landing. In a bid to avoid divulgence, he was forced by the military to bite off his tongue. Therefore, he could not speak any more. He began to imitate astronaut's spacewalk and build "spaceships" in the forest to deliver the secret. The ignorant villagers thought Seaman had gone insane, and Seaman's mother died of depression because of a wizard's words. However, even though everyone did not understand Seaman, he still insisted on revealing the truth to the world in his own way.
Poetic images display magic reality
Entwinement of truth and falsehood presents speechless predicament
  "I want to find the possibility of creating a cheap science fiction film, some kind of truth and mystery close to me.” Apart from the innovation in the theme, the director shows full proficiency in controlling images by the changes of pictures in various colors, which indicates time flying. He presents the scars of Indonesia in a limited film length. The black-and-white image at the beginning highlighting the moon landing conspiracy and slow camera motion in line with the spacewalk in the last part show the seamless connection of the lie and daily life of the victim of the falsehood. That received wide recognition such as “high quality” and “artistry”.
  Seaman's story attests to how lies become truth in the course of history, and how truth is used and eventually reduced to entertainment. When silent resistance is regarded as a joke and the truth of history is destroyed by time, the individual fate in the film has become a scar in Indonesia's historical process. As the director once said in an interview: “The Science of Fictions is about the truth of memories, hoping to tell people the feeling of that era.”
Video of director Yosep Anggi Noen for the 10th BJIFF.
  The Science of Fictions is available exclusively at Huangxi APP.
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