Do you dare to be a protagonist? ! Zero-distance with film of special effects, and experience virtual shooting!

  Film Carnival “Dream of Star Coming True” helps you realize your dream of film! Here, each and every person’s imagination for film scenes can come true! You can participate in film shooting and production in person, make yourself the protagonist of the film, experience the production process of film SFX and the latest science and technology interactions, and totally experience the charm of the film industry! Five major virtual scenes give you a chance of making a SFX blockbuster protagonist. We’re here waiting for you!

Introduction of five major virtual scenes

  Fantasy Pirate Ship (Hero saves beauty: category of action)

  Blue sea under azure sky. The sea water is as clear as crystal. A hero ascends the sea rover, beats the pirates bravely, and rescues the beauty successfully. (For one person or several persons)

  Dark Church (Demon-expelling soldier: category of shooting)

  There’s an unknown secret in a medieval church. The heroic archer shoots down the dark bat, unveiling the secret. (For one person or several persons)

  Fairyland with ancient aroma (Immortal Lovers: Immortals and ancient Chinese zither)

  Breathtaking fairyland, and grand mountains. The playing of the fairy lovers’ zither attracts beautiful cranes, and they jointly create a masterpiece of fairyland. (For one person or several persons)

  Lava Purgatory (Dragon-taming Hero: category of seeking treasure)

  The surging magma is ready to flow out anytime. The brave knocks into the nest of the dragon, finds the magic knight sword and defeats the dragon. (For one person or several persons)

  Joyful Cartoon City (Cartoon baby: lovely dance)

  The joyful dance troupe is coming! So many cute small animals are rejoicing and waiting for you. Come on! Join them! (For one person or several persons)

  Within the virtual production studio where The Great Wall and Wolf Totem were made, Film Carnival—Dream of Star Coming True experience can not only help you realize the dream of film, but also enable you to approach the blockbuster production site in person. Here, the most professional team will serve you during the whole process! After choosing a scene and finishing the shooting, you will have a fantasy micro-film made for you by our professional producers. Are you too eager to experience the virtual shooting in person? Take your family and have fun here!

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