Prosperous Nation, Peaceful Home, Brilliant Huairou

  This edition of the Carnival will revolve around the central theme of "Prosperous Nation, Peaceful Home, Brilliant Huairou" and consist of six major content segments and a total of 27 activities: century-old history of films, cinema science and technology experience, folk movie scenes, film characters parade, cinema art hall of fame and movie-themed cuisines. 

  The Film Carnival will include a bevy of contents and creative spotlights. Of which, the century-old history of films segment will take a look back at the progress of New China in the past 70 years through the displays and screenings of classics. At the same time, the displays and screenings of young web films will be an innovative program that aims to tap up-and-coming film-makers and their movie stories, and consolidate well-known online movie score composers of today, so as to inject new blood into cinema. The Chinese and Foreign New Film Launch will feature movies scheduled to premier in April and May and use full-ranging and entertaining methods of recommendations to treat the audience with a highlight reel of movie previews. The reiteration of classic movie scores and songs will be manifested as a concert headlined by multiple stars performingclassic film scores and songs, and no doubt the on-site energy will go through the roof at the event in Huairou on April 28.

  The cinema art hall of fame segment will revolve around the exhibition of classic movie props. Film equipment, props and other items of the State Production Base of China Film Group will be put on display outdoors in order to enable visitors to take a look back at the development history of Chinese cinema. At the same time, the Film Costume and Props Museum at the State Production Base of China Film Group will be opened to visitors. Curated inside the four exhibition halls of the museum are costumes worn by and props used by actors and actresses in films such as Founding of a Republic and Curse of the Golden Flower, and even uniforms worn by performers during the opening ceremony and closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  The film characters parade segment is comprised of contents like parade of anime- and comics-themed characters, performing arts, film character cosplay parade, cool windmill big world and others.

  The folk movie scenes segment specially forges special themed walking streets like the "water town of Jiangnan," to be populated with film characters complete with historical costumes in order to create the ancient city charms of the Chinese water towns of Jiangnan on-site at the event. Professional directors and film crew will be organized, visitors will be invited to participate and act, and arrangements will be made to shoot classic movie scenes on-site and produce short films.

  The cinema science and technology experience segment will combine cutting-edge motion-sensing virtual reality technology with diversified entertainment contents platform to bring to visitors the latest in cinema science and technology experience, so as to enable guests to experience first-hand special effect studio, special effect pyrotechnics, car chase special effect and other cinematic special effects, and truly immerse into a magical realm where science, technology and film assimilate as one.

  At the Food Plaza, dishes and delicacies seen in movies will be introduced, which will be supplemented by a wide variety of traditional snacks and foods. Booths and stalls at the Food Plaza will be embellished with film-based visual elements in order to create a distinctive feast for both tastebuds and and the eyes.

  Furthermore, the duration of the Carnival will also be filled with a raft of other contents like "star/film cast fan meeting, action movie imitation, Douyin flash mob, film-themed 3D painting, Huairou intangible cultural heritage display and performance, worry-free park of growing kids" and many more.

  The Film Carnival, to span a length of 18 days, is going to establish an interactive entertainment platform for citizens to learn about movie history, see film props, immerse into scenes from movies, participate in the shooting of a film, experience cinema science and technology, and rejoice in the general charms of movies.