BJIFF Beijing Film Market Events & Activities – Data-driven

  On the afternoon of April 18th, Data-driven International Film Trade and Protection Forum, hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) and organized by FIRSTBRAVE and JUSHI FILMS, “was held as schedule. Yu Cike, Head of National Copyright Administration of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Han Zhiyu, Secretary-General of the Capital Copyright Industry Alliance, gave speeches to wish the Chinese movie box office to reach its goal of 100 billion yuan at an early date. Wu Guanyong, Founder and CEO of FIRSTBRAVE, released the China Film Copyright Monitoring Report 2019 (Part I), and signed strategic cooperation agreements with several film and television companies in the industry. At the meeting, many big names in the industry shared their suggestions and experiences on film copyright trade and protection, and jointly launched the International Copyright Monitoring and Protection Initiative.

  On the circumstances that domestic audiences have not formed a complete sense of payment yet and the cost of film and television piracy is very low and the profits are abundant, the dissemination channels of piracy infringement of cinemas are becoming more diversified. Due to the difference in release time of imported movies in different countries, piracy infringement not only exists in the warm-up stage of film publicity but also involves the entire broadcast cycle of film products. Especially in the screening period, there is existence of platform-wide, multi-mode communication, and film copyright protection is facing more challenges.

  Wu Guanyong, Founder and CEO of FIRSTBRAVE, analyzed more than 80 key monitored films screened in 2018 through a big data platform. The data shows 384,200 links were observed in relation to piracy infringement and resulted in accumulated loss of about 5.938 billion yuan to all parties. 8 monitored films released during the 2019 Spring Festival were observed to infringe upon piracy and patent, which is expected to cause a loss of about 1055 million yuan in all aspects.

  Beginning from this year’s Spring Festival movie-going season, domestic copyright protection authorities expanded the scope of early warning of film and television copyright. This not only prevents piracy of domestic key films, but also monitors imported films, aiming to advance international copyright efforts and make the Chinese film market bigger and stronger.

  Copyright protection of domestic film and television content in China is facing multiple challenges. In case the infringement occurs in the field of copyright protection, whether it can be found and dealt with in time is the first biggest challenge. The protection of front-end cinemas, the monitoring of back-end platforms and the rapid development of international copyright trade has posed new challenges to the domestic copyright protection system. The combination of "law + technology" is becoming the first choice for some copyright protection platforms.

  Taking the example of The Wandering Earth that was mainly monitored during the 2019 Spring Festival movie-going season, FIRSTBRAVE monitored 117,000 infringement links, of which more than half originated from social network sites, from February 5th to March 4th. The offline rate of infringement links reached 87.16% and witnessed the copyright protection work achieved remarkable effects. As a technological pioneer in the domestic copyright protection industry, FIRSTBRAVE led the initiative of the international copyright monitoring and protection site in cooperation withauthority parties and platforms in the field to establish an international copyright alliance (12426), strengthen international exchanges and cooperation on copyright, jointly fight against transnational infringements, reasonably and legally safeguard rights and promote the prosperity and development of copyright industry.

  This parallel session brings more than 100 experts delegates of well-known film and television industry and academia, judicial and practical circle together including Yu Cike, Head of National Copyright Administration of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Zhou Baolin, Deputy General Manager of China Film Co., Ltd, Li Heng, Chairman of International Copyright Exchange, Vivian Peng, Director of Content Protection, China. Motion Picture Association of America, Zhu Genquan, Representative of China Office, CODA, Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, Li Wei, director of Civic Affairs at Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group and Liu Zhengcao, director of Video Rights Defense of Tencent, and dived into the creation and protection of intellectual property rights in the film and television industry under the network environment to advance a healthier and better film and television copyright environment.