As an important carrier of the BJIFF Beijing Film Market, the Project Pitches Transaction Platform has accumulatively received 3,676 entries in 7 years, with more than 70 outstanding projects standing out from the competition. Its effect has been gaining continued momentums by reaping fruitful results through training, roadshows, selection and negotiations. This year, No Killing, the winner of the 7th“Best Original Screenplay”, successfully came to its final shot; Suburban Birdswon the Best Feature at the 12thFirst International Film Festival. River in Spring, the award-winning project of the 8thSpecial Award, Under the Sun(formerly Russet River), an excellent project, and Chill Pill have all started production.

  The BJIFF Project Pitches, serving as an important incubator for young filmmakers, continues to innovate and evolve, with a focus on building a platform for communication and cooperation between creators and Beijing Film Market guests as well as international markets and serving the full integration and connection of high-quality content and industrial resources. A new to the 9thBJIFF—Beijing Film Market Project Pitches, the Working In Process (WIP) will service projects and post-production as well as the interaction and exchanges of the publicity and distribution market. At the same time, senior industry buyers will be invited to form a marketing decision group, who will select the “Most Market Focused Projects”, recognize these projects from the perspective of market practice and further exchanges and interactions.