The 9th Beijing International Film Festival–Beijing Film Market

  On the third day of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)–Beijing Film Market, more wonderful activities opened and preliminary fruit was reaped at the same time. Based on the development of the film industry, the Beijing Film Market focuses its efforts on building an international and professional exchange and cooperation platform for the film industry, which has receiving ringing endorsement from visitors to the film market.

  The Project Pitches Negotiation drove a roaring trade on the first day

  On April 17th, the Project Pitches Award Cocktail Party came to a close, leaving many touching moments, including the director Guan Hu’s message and entrust to newer filmmakers. With excitement in an inspirational mood, 27 project parties were present at the bustling scene of the Project Pitches Negotiation on April 18th, the first day of the activity. Guack! Team Nandao, The Traces, The Cat Called Schrodinger, Rebuilding, The Inglourious Dogs and others saw a full appointment schedule on the day of April 18th. Some project parties said frankly that in the process of communicating with market buyers, many valuable suggestions on project development have been gained, helping make the prospects of their projects more clear.

  Industry Conversations extends content domains to cover copyright protection.

  As one of the important sectors of the Beijing Film Market, Industry Conversations continues to play the role of wind vane in the film market, bringing together experts and scholars in content creation and copyright protection at home and abroad to analyze the industry’s current situation and forward-looking trends through a new round of conversations.

  The Industry Conversations with the theme of “Data-driven International Copyright Trade and Protection” focuses on the pain points and difficulties in the field of intellectual property rights. It discusses the status quo, characteristics and problems of Chinese film copyright protection, and proposes new technologies to combat piracy and infringement. Yu Cike, Head of the National Copyright Administration of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, delivered a speech and shared his suggestions and experiences on film copyright trade and protection.

  With the theme of “The Course of Growth from a Screenwriter to a Director”, bianjubang hosted the 5th China Film Screenwriter Seminar. It invited many screenwriter-turned-directors including Peng Sanyuan, Zhang Xiaobei, Wu Nan, Yu Miao, Tian Yusheng and Yuan Yuan to share their experience and thoughts in cross-over, providing career development advice and creative ideas for filmmakers.

  Discussions in the Events & Activities show the rich and diverse creations of the Chinese film industry

  As part of the Indian Film Week series activities, the China-India Shooting Location Promotion Conference was successfully held. It aims to strengthen the Sino-Indian film and cultural exchanges and cooperation, deepen the understanding of the Chinese people on the culture of the friendly neighboring country, further enrich the creative choices of mainland films, and advance the organic combination of the elements of Indian film culture with local Chinese creations.

  The iQiyi Movie Open Day – Sino-Foreign Film Exchange Conference showed rich and diverse creative ideas, including the adaptation of overseas film and television works, the adaptation of popular online novels, and the adaptation of animation works, etc. The guest Mou Xue put forward some thoughts on IP adaptation, emphasizing the preservation of the original IP core, that is, no matter how the form changes, it should keep what fans were originally fond of.

  At the Belt and Road Initiative Animation and Film Promotion & Project Pitches Conference, a number of excellent domestic animations with fresh ideas hit the cinema screens, marking the continuous progress of the Chinese animation industry.

  The China Legal Film and Television Pitches Summit contributed new thinking to the direction of content creation and proposed a new dimension. The famous actor Wu Ruoxfu present said that the film and television works should pay attention to the public security personnel who made great sacrifices on the people’s security front, with an emphasis on the significance of respecting for heroes, remembering heroes and glorifying heroes.

  Exhibitors give credit to the Beijing Film Market for the benefits reaped at the Exhibition

  Exhibitors such as the Beijing Ethnic Film Festival and the China Children’s Film Association stated that in the past three days, deep communication facilitated the guests to understand their own institution and activities. Although the exhibition period was not long, the activity made an increasing number of people understand the significance of film teaching in classroom in primary and middle schools, said the staff of the China Children’s Film Association.

  As one of the exhibitors seeking market cooperation, A True Film said that during the past three days, it connected two high-quality film projects to be developed, and many guests showed strong willingness to cooperate in its Cross-border Mission and new Sino-Cambodian co-production The Last Bullet. According to the film and television legal services company Grandall Law Firm, it reached ideal cooperation at the Beijing Film Market in the past few years, and at the same time utilized the Beijing Film Market Exhibition platform to better understand the legal needs and market trends in the film market.