The Project Pitches is an incubator designed for promising young filmmakers and outstanding film projects during the Beijing Film Market. It is intended to build a project trading market integrating training, review and selection, support, negotiation, incubation, tracking and showcasing, tap talents and reserve projects for the market through project selection, professional training, awards & incentives, international exchanges, and resource services.
  The "BJIFF TALENTS" will be launched this year to explore diversified works from film creators in Chinese-speaking regions. Outstanding Chinese film workers will be invited to instruct trainees in shooting short films in a one-on one manner. Works from the camp will eventually be demonstrated in the Market Screenings.
  This year's Project Pitches attracted a record 839 entries. This year's entries cover a wide range of types such as comic, suspension, feature, fantasy, science fiction, animation and music & dance, and are outstanding in terms of genre, subject expression and degree of completion. Many of them excel in both commerce and artistry.
  On September 23, the top 10 pitching projects and the top 7 WIP projects will be shortlisted for the final-round project pitching of the 11th BJIFF-Beijing Film Market. The jury will select the winners of six awards: "Special Award", "Best Original Script Award", "Projects with Greatest Commercial Potential", "Best Creativity Award", "Most Investment Value Project Award" and "Team with Greatest Potential Award", from the shortlisted projects and all the shortlisted will be named "Outstanding Pitching Projects".
  The award ceremony of the Project Pitches will be held in the form of cocktail party, where senior and young filmmakers will be gathered to share their experience of creation and production and have free cooperation and exchanges.