Project Pitches Winner One and Four Takes You into Mysterious Western World
At the 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) – Beijing Film Market Project Pitches, One and Four directed by Jigme Trinley won the Most Investment Value Project Award and the Most Market Focus Award, as well as the Music Licensing Service Award sponsored by Universal Music Group (UMG). 
“This is a refreshing movie, with pure genre and the vitality of audio-visual atmosphere in an imperturbable and sophisticated expression. The film is imbued with the ‘poetry of barbarism’, soberly narrating a metaphor for survival implied in a snowy world. Within a controllable cost budget, it demonstrates a mind-blowing style of the film industry.” This was a high evaluation received by One and Four from the final-round jury and Marketing Decision Group at the scene of the BJIFF Project Pitches.
Mr. Zhang Haiyan, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the BJIFF Beijing Film Market, Board Director and General Manager of China Film South Cinema Circuit Co., Ltd., and Chairman and General Manager of Zhujiang Film & Media Corporation Limited presents the Most Market Focus Award selected by the Marketing Decision Group to One and Four
Not long ago, One and Four, one of the 11th BJIFF Project Pitches winners, was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival. It held its world premiere in Japan. The 24-year-old young director Jigme Trinley has become the youngest Chinese director to be shortlisted in the main competition since the Tokyo International Film Festival was founded.
The film "One and Four" has its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival
During the world premiere of the film One and Four, the SC1 hall of CHANTER CINE Cinemas in Ginza, Tokyo was full of seats. Many international film professionals who attended this Tokyo International Film Festival came to watch the film and paid eager attention to the debut work directed by a 24-year-old young director. Hundreds of viewers broke into the mysterious western world together on the long-lost big screen. They were overwhelmed by the ingenious narrative and psychedelic images of the talented young director. After the film ended, they responded with long applause to express a strong love for the film.
One and Four premieres at the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival
The story of the film is set at a certain day in the late 1990s. A blizzard is about to hit a primitive forest farm on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and three uninvited guests break into a forest ranger’s wooden house. Subsequently, the forest ranger was involved in a case of police chasing poacher. In the snowy forest, murderous all at once, the truth becomes confusing…
The film opens in a tense audio-visual atmosphere. The protagonist Sangjie (played by Jinpa), together with four uninvited guests played by Wang Zheng and other three actors, leads the audience into a crisis-ridden virgin forest area on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The people in the film in the extremely harsh natural environment become both real and illusory in consciousness. Who is one? Who are the four? The truth and lies are carried by the snowstorm. The audience was entangled in the confined space of the wooden house in the forest by the high-density narrative line of director Jigme Trinley, as if they themselves were one of the opposing forces.
One and Four still
After the screening, the audience stood up bursting into spontaneous applause for a long time. Yan Lihua, an overseas Chinese living in Japan, said after watching One and Four: “The film is threaded upon the theme of strangers who suddenly break into the forest ranger’s hut in the Qinghai-Tibet Nature Reserve in the 1990s, and launches a fight between the police and poachers. The film is highly expressive. The actors’ acting skills are acceptable with delicate expression, and the musical soundtrack is very oppressive.”
One and Four still
An ordinary movie fan from Tokyo said: “One and Four adopts its unique technique to unfold and describe a confusing story and unpredictable human nature. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between lies and truth in this world. It’s more about letting people think and judge for themselves.”
One and Four still
One and Four is a film that combines multiple genres such as western, cop and gangster, and mystery. The film boasts a quasi-industrial production level and mature film techniques. Notably, as a pioneer of Tibetan genre films, One and Four directed by Jigme Trinley has a “Rashomonized” narrative structure and shows a mysterious atmosphere of Tibetan culture in the tone.
The film has a stellar line-up of cast & crew members, including Hou Keming as chief executive producer, Pema Tseden as producer, Jigme Trinley as screenwriter and director, Jinpa and Wang Zheng as co-stars, and Gengdan, Dargye Tenzin and Tsemdo as leading roles. Among others, the director of photography for this film is the well-known photographer Lyu Songye who participated in shooting a genre film for the first time; the recording director is Wang Shuo, who has worked with the Tibetan team for many years; the sound director is Li Danfeng, who has won many international professional awards before; the art director is Daktse Dundrup, who has worked in many Tibetan films and brought a stunning texture to the visual presentation of the film; the editing director is Jin Di, who has forged inextricable bonds with Tibetan films; and Ding Ke, a well-known independent musician in France, scored the film.
One and Four is adapted from the short story of the same name by the Tibetan writer Jiang Yang Cairang. It is produced by Shanghai Maoyan Pictures Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Niubizi Pictures Co., Ltd., Qinghai Manishi Pictures Co., Ltd., iQIYI Motion Picture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Siaiweiye Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Qianyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and co-produced by Haikou Redaojing Film and Television Communication Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Chuangli Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., with Pema Tseden and Wang Lei as lead producers.
The BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches looks forward to going hand in hand with more young filmmakers. The 12th BJIFF has now opened the project application channel, and pitching and WIP projects can be applied online through the official website of the BJIFF ( The registration of pitching projects ends on March 7, 2022, and the deadline for the submission of supplementary documents for WIP projects is March 14, 2022. For Project Pitches inquiries and related information, please visit the official website and media.
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