Inspirational Industry Conversations Successfully Held on the Second Day of the 9th BJIFF Beijing Film Market

  The heated atmosphere continued on the second day of the Beijing Film Market. Inside or outside the halls on the third floor of the venue, the guests present explored new ways, new cooperation and new trends through a collision of ideas during the interactions. The dynamism of the Beijing Film Market is rather fitting in what Gabrielle Carteris, President of the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), stated at a forum. China’s film market is making amazing achievements today.

  In the industry conversations in full swing, the growth of young filmmakers received extensive concern

  On April 17th, two industry conversations took place at the Beijing Film Market, namely, Rise of Chinese Young Directors and MPA Workshop. Attendees in the two conversations put forward their own views on the growth of Chinese young filmmakers.

  The first part of MPA Workshop (on the morning) invited the participants and partners of the “Paramount – China Filmmaker Exchange Program” to discuss the topic of “Promoting New Wave of Talent”. Other guests present included directors like Frant Gwo, Li Jun, Tian Yusheng, and Yao Tingting; William Feng, Head of Greater China/Vice President, MPA, Asia Pacific; and representatives of Paramount Pictures. The statements of Tian Yusheng on the introduction of a training and selection mechanism geared toward young talents other than learning the Hollywood production system and mechanism received ringing endorsements from the attendees. On the afternoon, Jonathan Spink, CEO of HBO Asia, delivered a keynote speech on “How to Cooperate between Chinese Enterprises and Hollywood Studios.” As for the second part (on the afternoon), the forum was themed with “Exploring How to Distribute and Screen the Art Film.” At the event, Sun Xianghui, President of the China Film Archive, analyzed the communication ways of the art film different from those of the commercial film, and a large-scale, normalized and innovative screening mode for the art film is taking shape in China.

  The Industrial Conversation “Rise of Chinese Young Directors” started with the video reviewing the previous Project Pitches. With their recently filmed directorial debuts, the directors who won the awards at the 7th and 8th Beijing Film Market Project Pitches returned to attend the conversation. Ms. Chen Caiyun, the curator of the BJIFF Beijing Film Market, served as the moderator, communicating with the directors in a light-hearted manner to review the journey of their dreaming to produce the debut films. It is reported that several of their directorial films will hit the cinema screens in the not-too-distant future, including Qiu Sheng’s Suburban Birds, Xu Xiangyun’s No Killing, Gu Xiaogang’s Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, Liang Ming’s Under the Sun, and Gexige Baoyin’s Harif.

  The wonderful Events & Activities continues to witness the industrialization of the film industry

  By reviewing the problems of the film industry in the past year, a number of events and activities, based on the development status of the film industry, came with several strategies for adjustment and improvement to help the process of industrialization of Chinese films. When the high-profile issue of actors’ pay packets was discussed at the Summit Forum for the Investment and Financing of Chinese Film, the president of the SAG-AFTRA held, based on the development experience, that the most important thing is storytelling, a view well recognized by other guests. To Mr. Huang Qunfei, when it comes to the risk of investment in film and television, the investors might as well start with the promotion and distribution of small and medium-cost films.

  The Briefing on Film & TV Financial Software and Production Insurance hosted by Film Finances Inc. (FFI) presented a more rational and orderly film industry system, proposing that “only the industrialized assembly line can avoid risks on a long run”, and that the film production insurance system is a good complement to the current film industry.

  At the Forum of Film & Television Industry on New Infrastructures sponsored by Alibaba Pictures, the development strategy, that the Internet and big data should be leveraged to make a far-sighted layout for the film industry in an all-round way and re-integrate resources in the future to improve performance, was proposed.