A Masterpiece Missing Oscar - An Animation That Goes Beyond the Trophy Itself


    In this year's Special Collection ---Female Power of Beijing International Film Festival, there is a special cartoon movie. This animation does not talk about playfulness or funny things, but is dedicated to showing suffering and reality; it is against the tide of technology by shooting in the traditional 2D techniques, which brings the most pristine beauty to the audience.

    This animation won the 90th Oscar nomination for the best animated feature film, nomination for the best animated feature film for the Golden Globe Awards, and also won the best independent animated feature film at the Annie Awards which is nicknamed as "Best Animation Award of Oscar". Even at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association's best animated movie nominations, it defeated the super-hot animation Coco.

    This is the new masterpiece of the Song of the Sea team - The Breadwinner.


    No one is stranger to the animated film Song of the Sea. This refreshing and soul-healing animation once caused the public to abandon Disney and Pixar and turned to the arms of beautiful hand-paintings. Prior to this, the production team named “Animation Salon” also created The Secret of Kells, which equally captured the hearts of the audience with the same fantastic pictures and soundtracks. The Breadwinner is their third animated feature film. The three feature films have all been recognized by Oscar.

    The Breadwinner was adapted from the best-selling book of the same name published by Canadian writer Deborah Ellis in 2000. It tells the story of a small Afghan girl named Pawana who is forced to make a living by disguising herself as a man. Pawana and her family live in Kabul under the control of the Taliban. Her father, who was originally a teacher, is taken away in a conflict, leaving Pawana, her mother, her sister and a young brother who is waiting to be nursed.

    According to Taliban regulations, women should not act casually. Therefore the Pawana family lose their source of life in an instant. So Pawana has to disguise herself as a man and go out to work to support her mother and her siblings. While working, Pawana thinks about how to save her father from the Taliban prison. In the process of working, she meets Shawshia, another girl disguised as a man. The two girls work hard in a bid to change their situations. However, the subsequent war in Afghanistan once again changes the course of their lives.

    The film blasphemed the shackles of poverty and religion in Afghanistan in the perspective of a little girl. It is really embarrassing. If you regard this film as a cruel history of Afghan about blood and tears, you are wrong. Even against such a difficult and sad background, the film still conveys beauty and love, emitting a positive energy. The elements of beauty and affection are rubbed into the film, weakening the heavy dark narrative background, and enriching this story with emotions and romance.

    Interestingly, old stories are often inserted into the movie. One fable about a boy fighting against an elephant monster goes throughout the whole movie. This story is narrated by Pawana and presented in a form of traditional paper-cut animation. It not only shows the ancient civilization, but also promotes the development of the plot, which is a metaphor of Pawana's childhood.

    Angelina Jolie is one of the producers of this film. After reading this realistic and heartbreaking story, the famous charity ambassador immediately gave nod to the director of The Secret of Kells.They jointly produced this film about women and children.

    This is an anti-war movie and also a feminist movie. However, whatever it is, it has not exerted excessive force. The audience will not only resist the war voluntarily, but will also be consciously moved by the affection and doughtiness under the war; while the viewers hate these extremists for their attitude of treating women, they will be subconsciously touched by the innocence of the little girl. Pure love and beauty go beyond anger and politics.

    Although this film has missed as Oscar award, but its social significance will go far beyond the trophy itself. Every such a movie can bring light to those places.

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