Runaway of A Female Writer Made into A Suspense Film

  Scary Mother is a feminist film, directed and starring by women and narrating a story of a woman to find herself and restore herself. The whole film presents a woman who breaks loose in a solid and zombie life and is accompanied by treacherous, unrelenting but resolutely decisive gestures. The film gives a vivid presentation of the sensitiveness & fragility, pressing environment and external squeezing in the process of female awakening. This allows the film to be attached with sober and accurate female observation and rethinking.

  Manana wakes up in a cold morning. This is a day of countless ordinary days for her: Buy vegetables, tend the children in dream, clean up the room, and then prepare for the whole family’s breakfast.

  However, Manana is not just an ordinary housewife. She is a professional writer and her achievement even outstrips her writer husband.

  For example, she is used to taking notes on her arm if she has some good ideas. She doesn’t care about her dressing or body shape and also doesn’t like parties...... All is because “I have no time to do these.”

  For example, she sees a kissing couple on her bathroom wall. She always dreams a stranger with red hair and feathers......

  All these are written in her novels.

  One day, an older man called himself a publisher finds her at her home with her scripts and announces that: this is a masterpiece of genius.

  However, her husband scoffs it and he burns his wife’s script as he believes that it is full of indecent, pornographic, hatred emotion.

  Later, things start to get out of control.

  First, Manana gets angry at the dinner table for unknown reasons. Then, she runs away from the home and monitors the publisher. She finds that her work is actually penniless.

  Writing opens a door for Manana’s closed and repeated life routines and make her become addicted to it, abandon her family and interrupt her stable life.

  Her father reads her scripts and explains to her: You are writing yourself. Due to scarcity of love, you become today’s devil.

  Who dare say not?

  If she has a soul-mate husband and caring parents, she will be happy to be a housewife......

  Both Nora who is determined to break away from the family, and Woolf who strives for A Room of One's Own for writing are lacking a caring and loving environment.

  Because of lacking love, they more eagerly escape from this environment. Actually, the story ending is ready.

  The wonderful part of the film lies in that the female director Anna Urushadze has a unique expression of the delicate and unique female experience:

  The protagonist’s ambiguity, wandering, and no-destination roaming in the state of writing...

  By seeking, her steady status becomes gradually fragmented.

  In this process, bursting sounds are peeled off from time to time.

  These ubiquitous threats and surveillance make the process of women’s search for psychological truth full of suspense, even horror.

  It is worth noting that Scary Mother is a maiden work of the director Anna Urushadze. Scary Mother by a post-1990 director wins the Best First Feature award at the 70th Locarno International Film Festival, the top prize at the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival -- the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Feature Film, and the Most Popular Film award at the 1st Pingyao International Film Festival.

  At the awarding ceremony of Tiantan Award last night, Scary Mother won Best Feature Film, and the leading actress Nato Murvanidze won the award of Best Actress.

  Anna Urushadze has made a fame for her first film, and her career promises a great potential.

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