This Film Is Dedicated to the Person Who Slips Away from You

  In each year’s Beijing Film Panorama Section of Beijing International Film Festival, there are a large number of excellent films that were screened in former years. They reappear in the viewers’ eyes and exude unique brilliance. It is of no exception this year. Waiting Alone might be one of the easiest and funniest films in this year’s Beijing Film Panorama.

  The film tells the story of a group of young people in the modern metropolis, depicting a romantic scene, which is endearing and real. The male protagonist Chen Wen and his pal are running an antique store. However, his genuine dream is writing, and he’s been expecting his true lover day and night. One day, Chen Wen comes across Liu Rong, an actress craving for success. She’s totally in accordance with his imagination for an ideal lover and he falls in love with her desperately. Under the encouragement of several friends and guidance of so-called “experts”, Chen Wen starts to woo her with all means, but only drives the matter to the opposite direction. At the same time, Chen Wen’s childhood sweetheart--his partner’s little sister Li Jing is showing her love to him gradually, but Chen Wen is totally unaware of it. He only treats Li Jing as his best buddy.

  Director Dayyan Eng does not have many works, and Waiting Alone should be his best one. Though the box office was not ideal, this film’s audio-visual product was sold quite well, ranking the 1st and 2nd among domestic films sales in October and November, 2005. It also ranked No. 1 in the national television premiere rating during the golden time of the Spring Festival in 2006. Though the film is not a blockbuster, all its actors or actresses are familiar to us. The male protagonist Chen Wen is played by Xia Yu. Xia Yu is not a prolific actor. However, all his roles have a certain degree of fitting with him. which allows his performance to provide a guarantee for the authenticity of the film. The goddess of Chen Wen in the movie - Liu Rong is played by Li Bingbing. Chen Wen’s childhood sweetheart - Li Jing is starred by the director’s wife Gong Beibi. She cooperated with her husband Dayyan Eng several times, and she was the female protagonist of the director’s former films. In addition, Gao Qi, Gao Yalin and Dayyan Eng also presented exciting performances in the film.

  This film is romantic essentially. Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Chen portrayed themselves in the “painted eggshell” of the film, giving concrete proof to it. At the same time, it has the realistic undertone, which reflects the emotions of youths in modern metropolis and the emotion situations of Beijing youths. The most valuable part of the characters in the film is the reality. The film tells the story without any gap between you and me. It feels like that you have experienced yourself and you can feel a lot of resonance. At the same time, the story is not complicated, although the main clue is love. Yet at the same time, there are also several young people about dreams, attitudes and pursuits of life. This film presents the color of youth, the color of nostalgia and more accurately, the color of beauty.

  Waiting Alone, which is not a serious film, might not give you in-depth thinking, but would offer you a cheerful and easy-going experience and enable you to find your shadow and review the past life.

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