Watching films is doing charity: Alibaba joins hands with BJIFF Organizing Committee to launch 1st Charity Film Month
  On July 18, the 1st “Alibaba Charity Film Month” was launched in Beijing. The Partners of Alibaba Group, the Chairman of Alibaba Foundation, the Deputy Executive Director of the Office of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), the Director-General of WWF China, as well as other leaders and guests were present at the launching ceremony.
  Organized by Alibaba Foundation, Alibaba Pictures and Youku Film Channel in association with the Office of the BJIFF Organizing Committee, the event is expected to be built into a summer “visual charity feast”. Charity films or documentaries winning international awards will be screened across China for free every summer, to call on the public to learn about the knowledge of environmental protection, the people’s livelihood and other fields and take active part in charity activities around, and arouse public enthusiasm about charity. The annual theme of the event is “For a Better Future”.
  In 2018, the event will screen the short charity film of Alibaba and world-renowned charity films for free in hot cinemas in Beijing, Hohhot, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and other cities, to arouse the public awareness of environment and charity, and make “watching a charity film at the cinema” a new way of charity engagement for all.
  “How to attract more people to do charity from deep inside is the largest core of charity,” said Sun Lijun, Partner of Alibaba Group and Chairman of Alibaba Foundation. Charity is the gene of Alibaba, the most distinct feature of Alibaba’s way of charity is “engagement for all”, the film is a popular artistic form, the combination of charity and the film will add wings of image to charity, arouse more people’s awareness of charity, and attract them to do charity from little things around, thus making our life better.
  As a co-initiator, the BJIFF Organizing Committee has strongly advocated and supported efforts to achieve the goal of publicizing charity through film art, and reached consensus with Alibaba on promoting charity cooperation. There were a lot of environmental films on the previous screening lists of BJIFF, such as /Death Zone: Cleaning Mount Everest/, /The Ivory Game/ and /Born in China/. Film art can reveal and reflect realistic or potential environmental problems in special forms, and be disseminated through various channels in ways acceptable to the public. It is undoubtedly a superb way to promote environmental protection. Through environmental films, social empathy is aroused, and public attention to environmental protection is enhanced, to boost the development of the common environmental undertakings of mankind.
  Prof. Lei Guangchun (3rd L), a renowned Chinese ecologist and Zhao Peng (2nd L), Chief Conservation Officer of China program at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) also attended the launching ceremony. They exchanged ideas with the audience on environmental protection. Gong Yunxi (1st R) and Shang Zhenbo (1st L) nicknamed “Milk Tea”, two post-90 stars signed by Youku, shared the perspective of young people.
  In the day, the Taopiaopiao Hall of ZYED Cinema with a seating capacity of 140 viewers was filled up. The viewers included representatives from charity organizations, college students, media persons and enthusiasts applying through the WeChat account of Alibaba. Following the launching ceremony, the cinema screened /Oceans/ directed by famous director Jacques Perrin and dubbed by Jiang Wen.
  With the largest-ever investment of 50 million euros, /Oceans/ features 100 species shot in 50 areas across the world and was completed in five years. It presents the “blue territory” covering third fourths of the earth’s surface, and uncovers mankind’s cruel damage to oceans. “These sea creatures evolved for millions of years, but have been extinct, on the verge of extinction or in danger within only tens of years. Many viewers were shocked by the scenes of sharks being thrown back into the sea with their fins cut off and dolphins being trapped in fishing nets. They undertook to start from little things around and pay attention to environmental protection.
  After screening /Oceans/ in Beijing, the event will screen /Les Saisons (Seasons)/, /Earth: One Amazing Day/ and other excellent international charity films in the next five stations. The BJIFF Organizing Committee will join hands with Alibaba Pictures to continue pushing excellent environmental films in support of global environmental undertakings.
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