The 9th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market Kicks off, the Convergence and Blending of Film Factors will Set Sail again
  The 9th Beijing International Film Festival—Beijing Film Market Kicks off, the Convergence and Blending of Film Factors will Set Sail again!
  Spring is the time that you can be immersed in the film world in Beijing. As an annual international event of the film & television culture industry, the 9thBeijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)—Beijing Film Market will be slated for April 16 to 19, 2019. The preparations of Beijing Film Market exhibitor registration, Project Pitches registration, Industry Conversations and Events & Activities will kick off from December 3, 2018.
  Focusing on the development of the film industry, in combination with the actual needs of the current market, the BJIFF Beijing Film Market aims to be an international and professional platform for exchanges and cooperation in the film industry, and strives to create a convergence and blending of the whole industry chain elements with diversified patterns by promoting resources interaction and negotiations and trading of the core factors of the film industry with “Demonstration • Promotion • Transaction • Exchange.”
  Market service upgrades to provide more enriching exchange space
  In 2018 alone, as of November 25, the Chinese film market has secured 55.9 billion yuan in box office, outperforming the box-office results in the whole of 2017. The seamless flow of films with market reputation, increasingly mature viewing habits and steady development of the market have all been important engines for promoting industrial exchanges and cooperation. At the 8thExhibition, a total of 220 organizations registered, including 80 international exhibitors, and the types of participating organizations are increasingly rich, covering production companies, publicity marketing, post-production, distribution and screening, legal services and other important components of the industry chain.
  To contain more abundant market content and provide more exchange space for the attendees, the period of the 9thBJIFF Beijing Film Market will be extended from 3 days in the past to 4 days now. Continuing to “drive transactions through demonstrations and promote cooperation with exchanges”, the Beijing Film Market intends to be an orderly exchange and transaction platform for the film industry. For details, please go to the official website of the BJIFF at
  Innovation in the Project Pitches section to fuel the interaction of creators with the market
  As an important carrier of the BJIFF Beijing Film Market, the Project Pitches Transaction Platform has accumulatively received 3,676 entries in 7 years, with more than 70 outstanding projects standing out from the competition. Its effect has been gaining continued momentums by reaping fruitful results through training, roadshows, selection and negotiations. This year, No Killing, the winner of the 7th“Best Original Screenplay”, successfully came to its final shot; Suburban Birdswon the Best Feature at the 12thFirst International Film Festival. River in Spring, the award-winning project of the 8thSpecial Award, Under the Sun(formerly Russet River), an excellent project, and Chill Pill have all started production.
  The BJIFF Project Pitches, serving as an important incubator for young filmmakers, continues to innovate and evolve, with a focus on building a platform for communication and cooperation between creators and Beijing Film Market guests as well as international markets and serving the full integration and connection of high-quality content and industrial resources. A new to the 9thBJIFF—Beijing Film Market Project Pitches, the Working In Process (WIP) will service projects and post-production as well as the interaction and exchanges of the publicity and distribution market. At the same time, senior industry buyers will be invited to form a marketing decision group, who will select the “Most Market Focused Projects”, recognize these projects from the perspective of market practice and further exchanges and interactions. The Project Pitches entries will be accepted from December 3, 2018 through March 3, 2019. To register for the section, please visit the BJIFF Project Pitches registration channel:
  Industry conversations to broaden the vision and set up the industry weathervane
  As an important forward-looking exchange activity of the Beijing Film Market, the Industry Conversations combines the current development status and hot topics of the industry to dig into the cutting-edge trends in a conversation mode. As an observer and a weathervane of the film industry, it provides a platform for practitioners to meet the minds and share new knowledge. The Industry Conversations will cover the topics of important sections in the industry chain, bringing together experts, scholars and industry leaders at home and abroad to gain insight into industry hotspots and share experience and opinions so as to promote the maturity development of the film industry.
  With the expansion and continuous optimization of the Beijing Film Market, the 9thBeijing Film Market Industry Conversations will continue to explore industry topics with both market value and popularity, organize and plan multi-view industry dialogues, and share deep perspectives from the return of content creation rationality to market consumption trends.
  Promoting endogenous impetus in the industry and tailoring services to promote resource sharing
  The Beijing Film Market Events & Activities provides a publishing and promotion platform for Chinese and foreign institutions to meet their needs of business display and cooperation and exchanges. With diversified issues, it will reach out to the demographic groups of mobility guests in the massive market and achieve the purpose of demonstration, promotion, exchange and cooperation. The 9thBeijing Film Market will further increase the content, provide better facilities and services for the industry institutions, and strengthen the display and promotion of the content on the BJIFF Beijing Film Market platform. While improving the mechanism of exhibitors and Events & Activities membership and providing member-specific experience services, the Events & Activities will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation and enhance industrial cohesion under the guidance of the Beijing Film Market.
  Contract Signing Exhibition Highlights
  As one of the important activities of the BJIFF Beijing Film Market, the Contract Signing Ceremony provides cooperation and promotion opportunities for film projects and offers a platform for the investment market to achieve cooperation and negotiation results. In the past eight years, the signed amount of the Contract Signing Ceremony has accumulated to more than 100 billion yuan. The Beijing Film Market attaches great importance to the future development of contracted projects, and will render increased support to publicity resources for major contracted projects and provide follow-up industrial resources and service support.
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