Jointly Promote the Development of the Film Industry through Technology
- Transformation and Reconstruction of China's Current Film Industry

  On the afternoon of April 19th, “Transformation and Reconstruction of China's Current Film Industry”, part of “Beijing Film Market” Events & Activities of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), took place. The activity was hosted by the Committee of Experts on Visual Effects of the China Film Art Design Institute, co-hosted by Creative Cloud®, Baolin Dev Holdings Limited and Amazing Ray. Aiming at the changes in the development trend and pattern of China's film industry, with The Wandering Earth as an example and with focus on an important link of the film industry-visual effects, the activity discussed the industrial environment and market-oriented changes of China's current film industry.

  In the current industrial environment, strong combination and resource integration have become important means of film industry reconstruction. Many film & television companies have shifted their focus from film production to film commercialization. Thus, “Beijing Film Market” Events & Activities this year started with a signing ceremony to promote trans-regional and cross-resources development. Lu Yongquan, Chairman of Land High Tech and Founder of Creative Cloud®; Deng Yong, Vice President of Beijing Culture and a head of Macao Commercial Post entered into a tripartite agreement, in the hope of providing full-process digital film & television visual effects production service based on film & television and media industry resources through Creative Cloud®'s superior digital visual effects. Besides, Creative Cloud® concluded an agreement with the People’s Government of Yichun and China Telecom. Under the agreement, the three parties will employ respective advantages in computing resources and operation service capacity, carry out deep cooperation in IDC construction, and provide outstanding efficient film & television rendering service to domestic and foreign customers.

  Creative Cloud® has been striving to integrate capital, talents, creative resources and channels needed by the film & television industry and accomplish trans-regional collaborative creation between enterprises, teams and individuals through professional services and collaborative management tools. The cooperation with Beijing Culture, Macao Commercial Post, the People’s Government of Yichun and China Telecom will undoubtedly integrate superior resources to achieve a win-win outcome and boost the development and reconstruction of China's current film industry.

  Then, hosted by Liu Xiaoqing, Chairman of the Committee of Experts on Visual Effects of the China Film Art Design Institute, Ding Yanlai, Visual Effects Director of The Wandering Earth; Zhang Bo, Concept Designer of The Wandering Earth; Ahdee Chiu, Visual Effects Director of MORE VFX, the production company of The Wandering Earth; Xiang Ming, Executive Vice President of Land High Tech and Zheng Yinwei, CEO of Baolin Dev Holdings Limited combined content creation and industrial design based on the staged achievements of Chinese films in visual effects, and discussed the present and future of China's film industry.

  Ding and Zhang shared the production of The Wandering Earth: At the early stage of design and creation, they focused on highlighting Chinese-style visual effects instead of blindly imitating elements in previous science fiction blockbusters. Zhao underlined the necessity to communicate with directors in heavy industry film projects. "Film creation needs a lot of advanced and innovative technologies,“ said Xiang, adding, “We expect to employ more resources to help Chinese films grow strong on the road of commercialization.

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