Fengshen Trilogy Shining at TIFF — — Overseas Promotion of Leading Film Companies at “Beijing Night”

  On the night of September 9th, 2019, local time, amid the 44th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) held “Beijing Night” - Beijing International Film Festival Promotion Reception in Toronto. Approximately 300 filmmakers at home and abroad attended the Promotion Reception, including Han Tao, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Toronto, Cui Yan, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of the Organizing Committee of the BJIFF, Alan Convery, Director of the Government and Foundation Relations of Toronto International Film Festival, Du Yang, Vice President of Beijing Culture, and representatives from Berlin International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Washington D.C. International Film Festival (Filmfest DC) and Seattle International Film Festival.

(Han Tao, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Toronto)  

 (Alan Convery, Director of the Government and Foundation Relations of Toronto International Film Festival)

  As a cultural symbol of Beijing and China, BJIFF has been held for nine consecutive years. During the 9th BJIFF from April 13th, 2019 to April 20th, 2019, a total of 775 films from 85 countries and regions entered in the Competition Section, Tiantan Award; nearly 500 films were screened in 30 cinemas of Beijing with 230,000 viewers; 202 domestic and overseas institutions participated in the Beijing Film Market with 130 registered buyers and 40,000+ participants; 77 enterprises signed cooperation contracts for 40 key projects over the whole industry chain, recording the total amount of USD 4.4 billion and accumulative amount of USD 19.4 billion. 

  As mentioned by Cui Yan, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of the Organizing Committee of BJIFF, in the first speech, the BJIFF, under the principles of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future” and features of “Master, Mass, Market”, is showing a strong development momentum and drawing the world's attention thanks to the abundant film resources, active market transactions and extensive public participation. BJIFF has become a bridge connecting China and the world with increasing professionalism and influence. BJIFF is now growing rapidly with China's film industry for the benefit from the inner demands of Beijing as the center of China's film industry to gather domestic and overseas resources for further exchange and cooperation.

(Cui Yan, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of the Organizing Committee of the BJIFF)

  Cui Yan said that the 10th BJIFF will take place in April 2020, including seven major events (Competition Section, Tiantan Award, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Beijing Film Panorama, Theme Forum, Beijing Film Market and Film Carnival) and other related sections (e.g. “Forward Future” Section, Documentary Section, Science and Technology Section, Film Concert, Film Salon and Industry Conversation). The purposes of the Organizing Committee are to highlight the service for the filmmakers, film industry and film fans, stress professional, pragmatic and efficient organizations, build a high-end exhibition, exchange and trading platform with world-leading films, institutions and filmmakers and develop an all-around and multi-level operation model with broad fields, thereby constantly promoting the innovation and development of BJIFF.

  During the 9th BJIFF, the Organizing Committee concluded strategic agreements with 27 leading film companies in China. It was the first time for the Organizing Committee, at the “Beijing Night”, to organize 13 companies, including Alibaba Pictures, iQIYI Pictures, Beijing Culture, Bona Film Group, Huace Film & TV, Mahua Fun Age, Ruyi Xinxin, San Duo Tang, Perfect World, Wanda Media, Cultural Investment Holdings, New Classics Media and Emperor Motion Pictures, to demonstrate over 30 key projects. Ms. Du Yang, the producer of the mythical epic film Fengshen Trilogy, attended the  Presentation Meeting of  "Beijing Night" held by Beijing International Film Festival during TIFF, and offered a brief account for the film. It is reported that Fengshen Trilogy will be released in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively. The trailers of Jade Dynasty, The Whistleblower, Guilt by Design and other films were also released during the Promotion Reception.

(Du Yang, Vice President of Beijing Culture)

(Group Photo of Guest Speakers)

  The Promotion Reception served as a platform of demonstration for projects, including Goodbye Mr. Loser, Never Say Die, Extraordinary Mission, Shadow, Airpocalypse, The King's Avatar, The Crossing, Animal World, Three Charmed Lives, City of Rock, The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang, Coward Hero, At Last, Over Again, The Foreigner, the documentary film Beyond Boards: A Monk's Incredible Adventures, Lion Heart and From Chung Kuo to China, and film companies, including Huace Film & TV, Perfect World Pictures, Bona Film Group and Emperor Motion Pictures.

  The success of “Beijing Night” - Beijing International Film Festival Promotion Reception in Toronto proves the great influence of BJIFF and the rapid development of China’s film industry. The event is regarded as an invitation to the film fans of different circles and filmmakers of the world to the BJIFF.

List of leading film companies with strategic agreement with the BJIFF

 (In alphabetical order):

1. Alibaba Pictures; 2. iQIYI Pictures; 3. Beijing Culture; 4. Beijing Film Group;
5. Bona Film Group; 6. DaQianMen(BEIJING)Culture and Art Co., Ltd; 7. Enlight Media; 8. Huayi Brothers;
9. HS Entertainment; 10. He Li Chen Guang; 11. H&R Century Pictures; 12. Bejing HuanLeYuanQuan Media;
13. Huaxia Film; 14. Mahua Fun Age; 15. Le Vision Pictures; 16. Ruyi Xinxin;
17. San Duo Tang; 18. Tencent Pictures; 19. Jianxin Picture; 20. Wanda Media; 
21. Cultural Investment Holdings; 22. Perfect World; 23. Five Star Legend; 24. New Classics Media;
25. Huace Film & TV; 26. Forbidden City Film; 27. China Film Co., Ltd.

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