The Volunteer Recruitment of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival officially Open
Let’s date with films in Beijing in such a sunny season

  “Here Mr. Kishor Jawade comes!” The volunteers who work for the Liaison & Reception Department gave a warm welcome to Mr. Kishor Jawade, CEO of the India China Film Society, and his team at the exit of Terminal 3 International Arrivals of Beijing Capital International Airport.

  “Excuse me, could you make a little space for me to take a photo?” The young volunteers for the Brand Development Department were shuttling back and forth in the Preparation Area and Reception Area of the Opening Ceremony to vie with middle-aged photographers for a favorable position to capture the splendid moments of the cast & crew.

  “Are those labels over there in place?” The volunteers working for the Opening & Closing Ceremony Department were meticulously checking every label so as to make the Opening Ceremony foolproof.

  “Films are all set!” The volunteers with the Film Panorama Department responsible for the VR section were working nervously on film testing.

  “Sir/Madame/Miss, this is your certificate. Please keep it!” The volunteers of the Publicity & Promotion Department of Press Center were carefully verifying the identity of each media member and issuing certificates.

  “Ms.Yang Lan is here. Get ready for a reception!” The volunteers of Project Department for Internet Film Theme Forum were orderly guiding the moderator and guests to their seats.

  “Hello”, “Bonjour”, “こんにちは”... The Beijing Film Market Department volunteers were interpreting for the copyright dealers from different countries at Beijing International Hotel (Conference Center).  

  All this is what the BJIFF is like in my eyes. I am a volunteer with the Human Resources & Property Department at the 9th BJIFF and also a recorder of all the volunteers’ work. Would you like to become one of them or the next me?

  Would you like to join this grand international cultural gala,

  To take an up-close look at the established filmmakers, at home and abroad,

  Or to make more like-minded friends?

  Apply now! Anyone of you who love movies is welcome to join the BJIFF.

  Working time: April 16 – 26, 2020 (proposed)

  Registration on the official website:

  Registration procedures: Volunteers (homepage) → Volunteer Registration (a 2-inch electronic colorful full-faced and bareheaded photo in white background and a scanning copy of ID card are required) → Online Test (test may be conducted several times, but the result can only be submitted once).

  Deadline for registration: March 2, 2020

  Follow us immediately to get the guidelines for registration!

  Which department do you prefer? Take it easy! Here is the introduction to each department below.

  Opening & Closing Ceremony Department: order maintenance at the guest reception and red carpet areas, fans management, audience guide, and red carpet interview coordination.

  Film Panorama Department: management of meet-and-greets, scheduling at the site of film selection activities, guest reception, VR Section services, and ticketing management.

  Project Department: theme forum related work, including guest reception, interpretation, material distribution, and order maintenance.

  Beijing Film Market Department: pitching project connection, master training camp, welcome banquet, awards ceremony, and exhibitor reception.

  Publicity & Promotion Department: media reception and registration, press conference, media vehicle arrangement, and coordination of jury  and guest interviews.

  Brand Development Department: sponsor reception, cocktail party connection, coordination and implementation of brand planning, and derivatives management.

  Liaison & Reception Department: one-to-one escort, interpretation, pick-up and drop-off, accommodation arrangement, and event connection.

  Human Resources & Property Department: volunteer service photography, video production, copywriting for WeChat publicity, and material distribution. (For the application of photography and copywriting posts, please send your works to

  For any other question, please send messages to us on Weibo (@BJIFFVolunteers)

  Office of the Organizing Committee of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival

  November 22, 2019

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