On the Occasion of 100-day Countdown, Beijing International Film Festival Invites You to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

  Entering 2020, the first snow in Beijing has not yet thawed completely. The weather is cold, but our hearts are full of passion.

  Today is a special day, as there are only 100 days left before the opening of the much-anticipated Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF).

  The 10th BJIFF is slated for April 19-26, 2020, and currently all the preparatory work is underway as scheduled.

  Since its founding in 2011, the BJIFF has successfully taken place for nine years, a period that has been witnessed by all of you. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the BJIFF, which is a key milestone as well as a new starting point.

  The film industry in the past ten years is like a dream. This countdown short video issued today quickly reviews many wonderful moments of the festival in the previous nine years. As great cinematic times emerged, the past is still vivid in our minds, and all the beautiful and touching moments reappear as well.

  In this video, we can see:

  Tiantan Award with the core philosophy of “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity”:

  Since the launch of the 3rd Tiantan Award, nearly 4,600 entries from more than 90 countries and regions have been received, including 1,000 domestic films. Ten prizes are set up each year to encourage and honor annual film practitioners, who are making unremitting efforts to realize their dreams;

  Red Carpet of Opening & Closing Ceremonies for stars:

  The red carpets of Opening & Closing Ceremonies are the most eye-catching link of the BJIFF, when actors, directors and casts & crews come from around the world, and gather in Beijing because of films, together celebrating such a joyous festival;

  Most-anticipated Beijing Film Panorama, an out-of-competition section of the BJIFF:

  In the previous nine sessions, almost 3,300 films have been played, and nearly 4,000 screenings and activities have been launched in the “Beijing Film Panorama” section. From classic Hollywood black-and-white films to premiered new blockbusters, from art films to commercial ones, and from Akira Kurosawa to Bertolucci and to Wong Kar-Wai, various types of films, which have combined ancient and modern times, and linked the East and the West, have satisfied fans, no matter how picky they are, at the BJIFF;

  Theme forums to the times:

  The BJIFF each year will host theme forums that keep up with the pace of the times, in an effort to promote the exchange and development of the film industry at home and abroad from different perspectives, and boost shared progress.

  Beijing Film Market under the theme of “Demonstration • Promotion • Transaction • Exchange”:

  The Project Pitches Transaction Platform of the BJIFF in previous years has received a total of 3,666 applications, of which almost 200 excellent projects stood out, and a number of excellent films, such as My Beloved Bodyguard, Mountain Cry and Seventy Seven Days, have been successfully launched. Besides, 281 projects have been signed, with the signing amount up to RMB 131.939 billion.

  Film Carnival:

  It aims to create a film festival for national celebration, display the latest cutting-edge film technologies, offer innovative film viewing experience, and connect online and offline channels, thus achieving extensive participation and better promoting films in daily life.

  All these numbers, faces and cheers have witnessed the founding, growth and expansion of the BJIFF as well as the prosperity of China's film market.

  In April this year, can these numbers ascend to a new height? Let's just wait, and witness it together.

  Do you want to know anything about the films to be screened during the 10th BJIFF? Let’s say it is a secret now. However, to be sure, compared with the previous years, this year will be more exciting, wonderful and surprising.

  Therefore, dear fans, get your wallets ready.

  With a decade of efforts, we are firmly confident to create more glories in 2020.

  By further carrying forward its purpose of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, and following its positioning of “International standard, Chinese characteristics and Beijing style”, the 10th BJIFF aims to present a film feast that will never come to an end.

  We are sincerely inviting you to Beijing to “watch the best films in the BJIFF this spring”.

  April is the most beautiful season of a year, when flowers will be in full blossom, and the best films are about to be released. There are only 100 days left for the grand opening of the 10th BJIFF. Are you ready?

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