Gift Packs after Screening of Persian Lessons
  Of the films in the Official Selection of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), Persian Lessons featuring suspense and retrospection elements provided a vivid reference for the themes on World War II, hence the title of Russian Schindler's List. It was premiered at the Special Presentations of Berlin International Film Festival, which generated a subtle chemical reaction. As was a new film with only a screening, Persian Lessons enjoyed a high popularity with tickets hard to get. At 5:00 p.m. on August 29, the film completed its premier in Asia, and earned wide acclaim among filmgoers.
  Persian Lessons depicted the complexity and rare scenes at Nazi concentration camps from different perspectives. The naturally set suspense gave it a strong tension: When transferring to the camp, a Jew lies he was a Persians to survive. While a German officer is looking for a Persians to teach him Persian in order to live in Teheran after the war. In order to survive, the Jew has to make up an imaginary language.
Gilles Cremieux, a Belgian of Jewish origin
Klaus Koch, a Nazi officer
  In the film, the Nazi officer is no longer a cold killer as the other films depict. We can see the most subtle part in his emotions, even the “poetry and distance” for a high-level officer in the camp. As one of the actors in the film, Lars Eidinger (playing Klaus Koch) sent a greeting video to the BJIFF.
A video filled with high traffic and love
  In the film, the Jew Gilles is not like those to be killed as expressed in other stories. His endurance and wisdom are his capital to survive in the camp. He writes a “guidance of survival” in other’s name, which changes the relation in the game of thrones with excellent language talent. Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, playing the Jew, contributed his remarkable skills of language in the film, such as German, French and Italian, as well as the “Persian” for him to survival. Please check following video that gives the words of Nahuel Pérez Biscayart to audiences:
  You may be “astounded” by him being “surprisingly cute”
  In addition to the impressive actors, the director Vadim Perelman also made great contributions to its success. As a member of the cast & crew of the TV series Izmeni rated 9.2 on Douban, Vadim Perelman expressed his confidence on the surprise of the film in storyline and narration. Following is the greetings from director Vadim Perelman.
  It took great efforts to screen Persian Lessons on BJIFF. Fortunately, it was not absent from the 10th anniversary, drawing a complete conclusion for the long-awaited “date of spring”. The producer of Persian Lessons Sol Bondy had a wonderful relation with the BJIFF. As the witness the birth of the BJIFF, he returned with his work and blessings at the 10th edition.
  Thank you for your love and recognition on Persian Lessons. If you have any words for the director, actors or other casts & crew, please write a comment below. If you failed to get a ticket, don‘t worry! It is believed that the film will be screened in cinemas in the near future.
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