12th Beijing International Film Festival is Looking for Interns and Volunteers, and Welcomes Dream Makers

  Main visual poster of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) -- "Concerted Efforts Made to Create Light"

Do you like watching and talking about films?

Do you want to meet top filmmakers?

Would you like to learn and practice at the same time with a dream to become a filmmaker?

The 12th BJIFF starts recruiting interns and volunteers. Can’t wait to have you undertake new challenges and missions while enjoying youth and films. 
Based on competitive resources in Beijing, the BJIFF continues to make breakthroughs and innovation, promote cross-over integration and publicity via converged media, and deliver exciting film festival through concerted efforts. Interns and volunteers are welcome to join us! We’d love to have you with us cherish and fulfil filmmaking dreams with your laughter, perspiration, brilliance and passion. 
Department Assistant (incl. Planning) (applicable to all departments)
1. Compile and organize documents for approval of events and activities related to the BJIFF;
2. Make plans for events and activities, and write speeches as per requirements;
3. Submit contracts and documents for approval, handle expenditure review and approval, and make coordination; 
4. Take care of collection and organization of files within the department, prepare meetings, and collect and deliver tickets and invitation letters;
5. Liaise with volunteers, pandemic control and prevention as well as security, and summarize relevant information.
Liaison Associate (applicable for all departments)
1. Liaise with relevant departments, and coordinate invitation of guests;
2. Summarize activities and events that guests are engaged in, update schedule, and provide reception services;
3. Coordinate with departments to deliver reception and expenditure settlement;
4. Liaise with sponsors and assist in return of interests and rights;
5. Deal with translation and publicity related work in the department;
6. Handle inquiries related to the department.
Project Associate (applicable for Competition Department, Film Panorama Department, Project Department, Beijing Film Marketing Department and Brand Development Department)
1. Deal with invitation for guests, casts and crews, and coordinate with departments for delivery of reception services;
2. Coordinate and deliver activities such as Red Carpet, forums, masterclasses, and Carnival;
3. Undertake on-site management of the Beijing Film Panorama, Project Pitches, BJIFF TALENTS and market screenings;
4. Negotiate and deliver interests and rights of sponsors;
5. Coordinate, collection and distribution information related to credentials and tickets;
6. Summarize, compile and organize promotional materials of the department;
7. Handle the operation and maintenance of systems such as BJIFF’s official website.
Press & Media Associate (applicable for Publicity & Promotion Department)
1. Invite and liaise with media, and deal with review of registration, distribution of credentials and reception;
2. Edit, compile and proofread press releases;
3. Compile and organize the Media Manual;
4. Coordinate with official photography and camera shooting;
5. Make plans and carry out various advertising projects;
6. Coordinate exclusive and group interviews as well as translation services. 
Students of the following majors are preferred: film and television related majors such as film studies, communication or marketing related majors, design majors such as visual communication and digital media, Chinese, English and other related majors.
  Additional Requirements
At least 20 years old, healthy and outgoing.
Excellent language skills, good at communication, and able to adapt to heavy pressure of work.
Excellent editing, writing and slides making skills.
Prioritize teamwork and follow instructions from supervisors in the department.
Excellent photography and video editing skills are required for the press & media associates.
It’s required to work four days per week (weekend excluded).
Apply for the jobs at BJIFF’s official website: http://www.bjiff.com/.
Click "Volunteer" section on homepage→ Volunteer registration (electronic colored 2" headshot in white background, and scanned ID copy are required) → Complete the online test (multiple tries are allowed, but only one submittal is allowed). Or download the official app—BJIFF, and go to the homepage → My Center → Log in Now, register and apply for volunteer vacancies.
As for interns, please send your resume to linyue@bjiff.com after registration on the official website.
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