The 2nd Press Meeting of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival

  On April 3, 2019, the second press meeting of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival was held jointly by the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival and the Press Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government. On the basis of the first meeting, this meeting introduced the "Tiantan Award" and the Beijing Film Panorama.

Global vision: Release of the International Jury members of “Tiantan Award”

  Founded in 2013,“Tiantan Award” has been adhering to the core values of“Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity”.It works to select the best films on a global scale to promote film exchanges around the world, thus promoting the development art. Over the past six years, the “Tiantan Award” has gained a good reputation and a strong brand influence thanks to its international vision and professional standards.In order to raise the “Tiantan Award”to a higher level, the organizing committee, on a global scale, considers the professionalism and artistic achievements when inviting film celebrities at home and abroad to serve as judges of this session. Finally, it has finalized seven members of the International Jury of the Beijing International Film Festival. The jury president is the famous American director Rob Minkoff and the six judges are Chilean director Silvio Gayoqi, Chinese director Cao Baoping, Russian director Sergei De Wattsvoy, Hong Kong actor Carina Lau, Iranian director Majid Makidi and British director Simon West. The seven members are considered as senior filmmakers in the world's film industry. They are not only highly acclaimed and respected for their outstanding works; each of them has won many international film festival awards and achieved great success.I believe that under the leadership of the Jury President Rob Minkov, the jury will continue to uphold the principle of "fairness and justice" and select ten best works for Tiantan Award from 15 outstanding films.

Glamorous diversity: 15 films unveiled in the Official Selection of the “Tiantan Award”

  The“Tiantan Award”of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will be held in Beijing from April 11 to 20, 2019. By adhering to the core values of “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity”, we solicited from across the world feature films that were produced after January 1, 2018. The "Tiantan Award" has attracted 775 films from 85 countries and regions, including 107 domestic films and 668 overseas films (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The films were diverse categories and styles. After a series of screenings, a total of 15 films from 20 countries and regions were shortlisted for the final selection of the “Tiantan Awards”, including 12 overseas films and 3 domestic ones.

  The shortlisted films are as follows:

  A Fortunate Man (Denmark)

  Director: Bille August

  Another World (Japan)

  Director: Junji Sakamoto

  Ben is Back (USA)

  Director: Peter Hedges

  Fear (India)

  Director: Jayaraj

  Happier Times, Grump (Finland)

  Director: Tiina Lymi

  Here (Iran)

  Director: Seyed Hadi Mohaghegh

  Sunset (Hungary / France)

  Director: László Nemes

  Tehran: City of Love (UK/Iran/Netherlands)

  Director: Ali Jaberansari

  The Composer (China/Kazakhstan)

  Director: Xirzat Yahup

  The Eleventh Chapter (China)

  Director: Chen Jianbin

  The Keeper (Germany / UK)

  Director: Marcus H. Rosen Mueller

  The Unorthodox (Israel)

  Director: Eliran Malka

  The Waiter (Greece)

  Director: Steve Krikris

  The Wandering Earth (China)

  Director: Guo Fan

  The Wild Pear Tree


  Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

  On the whole, the Official Selections of "Tiantan Award" have their own highlights, which include both the latest works of heavyweight directors and the outstanding works of new directors who have made their debut in the international arena (many of them being premiered films).

Vibrating charm: Films to be introduced at the opening and closing ceremonies

  Films introduced at the opening and closing ceremonies have been an important part of the Beijing International Film Festival, which always garners wide attention among guests. The opening and closing ceremonies of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will be held in Huairou State Production Base of China Film Group. In order to present wonderful and outstanding new films and to create a memorable movie experience for everyone, the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival has conducted a series of screenings and then chosen the China-Kazakhstan co-production The Composer among the excellent films of Chinese and foreign countries as the opening ceremony film. The film tells such a story: Xian Xinghai, the people's musician, came to Almaty during the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union. As a stranger in the land suffering from poverty and illness, he was rescued and supported by the famous Kazakh musician Bakhitzhan Baikadamov and his family. In the last years of Xian’s life, he never forgot his original enthusiasm despite all the hardships. He inspired the Chinese and Kazakhstan people to fight against fascism with his music. From the film, the audience can feel the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people and the attachment to the homeland. The audience can also feel the profound historical friendship between the Chinese and Kazakhstan peoples. The closing ceremony film is ascertained to be Zero, an Indian love comedy starred by two “Khans”. It is the love story between the short and rich Indian man Bauua Singh and the polio-affected rocket designer Aafia. Through the process of the two people falling in love, breaking up, and reuniting, the film explores the essence of true love, expresses the right of love enjoyed by groups of physically disadvantageous people, and it is full of humanist care. We believe that everyone can feel the emotion when viewing the film.

Marks of light and shadow: Beijing Panorama events

  The Beijing Panorama of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will be previewed on April 6. Following the first round of the ticket ordering on April 1, the "Secondary Ticketing" film will also allow ticket sales on April 12. With the growing influence of the Beijing International Film Festival around the world, Out-of-Competition Section has also attracted more and more films. The Section has invited new films that will be held at the world premiere or international premiere on the Beijing Panorama platform, such as Mr. Hitian, congratulates on your wife’s pregnancy, The Youth, Samurama Marathon and other films. It also covers carefully restored classics, such as the overseas films 2001: A Space Odyssey and Singin‘ In The Rain; the classic Chinese films like Red Sorghum and Postmen in the Mountains. All these films will be shown to the public in the Beijing Panorama. In order to implement the Belt and Road initiative and strengthen the cultural exchange between the Silk Road countries, the Beijing Panorama Department has specially set up the “Belt and Road Unit” to showcase the outstanding films of the countries along the Silk Road, and also invited the Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, the Iranian film master Majid Makidi and other film celebrities to come to Beijing for communication with the audience. The famous French actress Sophie Marceau will also participate in the Beijing International Film Festival and bring her self-directed work Mrs. Mills to the Chinese fans. In addition, the Beijing Panorama will also launch the “Master Class” serial activities. The Organizing Committee has specially invited the French actor Pascal Gregory, the famous director Pematseden, the “fifth-generation”Chinese female director Li Shaohong, the Chinese director Cai Mingliang and others to share their creativity experience in the “Master Class”with their respective themes, to have in-depth communication with the audience. By doing this, we can further serve the filmmakers, benefit the film enthusiasts and fuel the development of the Chinese film industry.

  The 9th Beijing International Film Festival firstly joins hands with Beijing Association for Science and Technology to incorporate Beijing International Youth Science Photographic Exhibition Panorama into the BJIFF, so as to expand the influence of BJIFF among young people. Through the exhibition of young people’s scientific image works, this event enables teenagers to come in close contact with frontier film technology and intensively experience the scientific charm and artistic aesthetic sense of film and television works, inspires young people to pursue their scientific dreams, improve their scientific competency, help young people to make contribution to their country scientifically, and show young people’s vitality and cultural self-confidence with Chinese style and Beijing demeanor.

  The event has received 73 scientific documentaries,48 scientific microfilms and 20 animations for science & technology popularization, with a total of 141 entries. Of them, we will invite 40 works to be displayed in the exhibition. Also, teachers, students and guests from countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, Czech Republic, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao, will be invited to participate in this activity, with the participation of 160 people in total. All the works are created and completed by primary and secondary school students.

  The famous magician Li Ning is appointed as the ambassador for this event. Famous scientists, artists, directors and producers in the industry are invited to guide young people’s works, through scientific image salons, sharing sessions, workshops and other activities, making young people delve into science, art and culture and inspire their creative aspiration. Various interesting and meaningful “Science Class”, “Art Class” and “Culture Class” will be delivered at Beijing Science Center.

  As the spring scene of April is as dense as the liquor, you will see the verdant, slender willow trees all over the imperial city. Now Beijing is in the prime time of the spring, awaits the opening of the annual international film festival. Let us look forward to the 9th Beijing International Film Festival!

  To download information about Official Collection and films introduced at the opening and closing ceremonies, please visit our common mail.

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